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The Program Guidance is now available on The application period is schedule for Wednesday, April 15th, 2009 to Wednesday, May 20, 2009. See the official site for details!

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The one piece of advice I tell all grantees is READ the damn guidance front to back period FIRST.

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I completely agree with Louis, print the guidance in a hard copy. Let all members read this completely. Make sure you are completely organized before you even start to type. Like Jonathan said, make sure more than one set of eyes is involved in the process.
In the guidelines would it talk about what kind of grants they are looking to give out. Like say our company is in GREAT need of a ladder truck, have them come out and said that instead of giving out a few bigger grants, that they are going to give out say twice as many smaller ones?
Chris Leier said:
would it talk about what kind of grants they are looking to give out...?

Both the Federal Notice and the Guidance will say what the high priority items are. Regarding apparatus, this year it is pumpers (doesn't have to be only a pumper, could be a combination, so long as it conforms to NFPA guideline definitions for a pumper). The FEMA rep basically said that since apparatus costs a lot more than most items, and there is a cap on apparatus, it would be best if you are looking for a pumper because the cap may be reached purely on pumper requests. Also, don't forget to look search around the Internet for other discussions possibly to get info from others.


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