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Weiser City Fire Rescue was established in 1900. I am wondering when your Department was established . We still have our first new truck that the city purchased. It is a 1932 Howe and it still run’s. We are looking for a baring for the pump and it will pump water, What is you oldest truck in your department.

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My department, City of Baton Rouge Fire Dept., has been a career department since 1925. It's roots go back to 1825 with a citizen's bucket brigade, and a formal volunteer hose company (Washington Number One Volunteer Fire Company) was established in 1836. We still have a engine and tiller, 1926 American LaFrance.
We obtained an ISO class "1" rating in 1979 and have maintained it.
The City of Sturgis Fire Department was organized by a group of business men prior to 1859. On June 20, 1859 the city actually purchased its first apparatus and hose cart. The engine was affectionately known as "The Old Tub". This summer on June 20 we will hold a celebration and open house and recognize it as our 150th anniversary. I am looking for input on what other departments have done (for kids and the community) during similar type of celebrations. So far we plan to have the station open for the public, free hot dogs and a bicycle rodeo. We will have old photos and equipment on display, but I want something that will draw a crowd and give people something to do, not just come, look and leave. Thanks
I believe that our fire dept is 10 to 15 years old,and we are still adding on.
We now have started and Exployer Group.Today the News Group came from Columbia SC,to do and story on our small town fire dept. Will be on Columbia SC news tonight and Saturday morn .BT
My department was established in 1884. This year we are celebrating our 125th anniversary. Our first piece of equipment was a hand drawn pumper that was manufactured in town from the same time period. Our first motorized apparatus was a 1915 ALF/Ford Model T Chemical truck. The T still runs, although it hasn't seen chemicals in the tank for about 75 years. Our oldest truck in service is a 77 Pierce 50' Tele-squrt. It is being replaced by a Pierce 105' HD Quint this June. Wet-down will be on August 1st. The same day as our 125th anniversary celebration.
The Willoughby Fire Department was formed in 1894, our first piece of equipment is no longer around because the horses have long since passed away. Just kidding. Actually we have an original hose cart, minus some of the cool ornamental metalwork, that cart is sitting right outside the window I'm looking out of at the firehouse right now. The first piece of motorized equipment is a 1921 American LaFrance and it is sitting inside our north end fire station.

Our Department was established in 1907. Our first motorized truck was a 1913 American LaFrance chemical car. We located a 1929 American LaFrance/GMC pumper that was originaly owned by out department in a barn about 4 miles out of town. We aquried it and have it stored for future refurbish. I have included a picture of our first.
The oldest truck in our dept must be over 60 years old ,from our old fire dept.,mile away from the newer FD.We were on a community that is small,and we are doing all we can to make and larger fire dept,because we serve other towns when they have and a good many fire scenes ,Our Exployer group is coming alone great,these young men will make great fire fighters one day. Be safe Brenda t
Established in 1952, relocated to current station in 1958, oldest apparatus 1989 Sutphen Pumper, and yes... it's blue.
We were established in 1898. Still have one of the two original hose carts, made in 1904 and the 1st manufactured fire truck, a 1923 American LaFrance. Looking for a sugar daddy (or sugar mama, not fussy) to help us get the '23 up and running. Oldest in the "fleet" is a 1991 S&S tanker which we purchased last April. Newest is a 2004 E-One Typhoon
Roseland Fire formed in 1913. Our oldest piece is a 1927 ALF, but we run a 1974 and a 1984 MACK CF pumpers, as well as a 1985 Pierce Arrow 110' RM Platform.
Indianapolis is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year. All of you coming to FDIC this year, we should be having a pretty good party. We have a wonderful museum in town at our union headquarters that showcases a horsedrawn steamer.
The Portland Fire Department in Portland, Maine has been answering the bell since 1768. Here is an old horse drawn movie of the city from 1912. and here is a link to out website

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