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A combination department close by that has grown alot in the last two years has a major hurdle to overcome. It seems that some of the citizens (mainly those involved in a "anti-government" group aimed at ousting the incumbent mayor) have started a petition and were able to get a special board meeting called last night to dicuss of all things weather or not the city owned fire apparatus should be allowed out of the station for non-emergency use (such as going to supper or lunch) they operate 1 engines and 1 truck company full time, and are backed up by volunteers on 2 more engine companies . A firefighter is no good without his or her apparatus and that, to me is like leaving the house without pants. I know the economy is in the crapper, but the "show must go on" so to speak. Just wondering if anyone had faced similar issues before, and if so what was the outcome.

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i feel u man. from what i know usually the department will let a couple guys go out in the rescue truck to grab lunch or whatever. throw ur gear in the back and just go grab dinner not that big of a deal in the rescue truck because u can still respond to an ems call if they have one and if its a fire well ur rescue truck is usually second at the scene anyhow
I can't disagree with this board more. These thoughts are only good until one of them needs a speedy response to there home or place of business. The communities we serve as a whole are comforted in seeing us out with our equipment mingling with the citizens we serve. Our trucks are moving billboards to tell our community that we are here for them whenever they need our help day or night. Without our rigs with us we are worthless. Keep up the hard work and enjoy your dinners out with your public!
Dan I couldn't agree with you more. Its all well and good until its a structure fire. I'm not sure what the outcome of las nights meeting was but will try to find out over the weekend.
That’ll be great if you find out what they decided about things. I’m very curious to see what decision will be made about this ordeal. Keep us posted brother, thanks!


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