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Our department just switch over from Dragger to Scott. I have been a dragger fan for many years. Do you think that the Scott are a good pack. Can I please get some input on these packs.

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We use the NXG2 4500 and, other than the problems with the early buddy breather attachments breaking, I only have good stuff to say about them.
We too use scott and wouldn't trade them for anything else!
I have used Scott Air packs for 31 years and would not use any other brand. I have used Draeger and MSA, but in my humble opinion, there is no comparison. Stay Safe!
Best thing om the market I have used them all and nothing can stand up.
15 years in a Scott myself...from the old 2A, to the 2.2, then the 4.5. Like most have said, you can't beat a Scott. Easy to use, easy to trouble-shoot, easy to don & doff, and as reliable as a good hunting hound!
I've worn a few other brands in training, but wasn't really a fan.
On a more serious note, your department has purchased them, so like them or not, it's up to you to be as comfortable in their use as you were your draeger. Train, train, and train again.

Congrats, you should love them!
We use the Scott 4.5 and have not had any problems. We were sold on the safety features, such as the redundant regulators. After years of using Survivair, I don't care anything about going back.

I have used Scott air packs for the past 15 years and can tell you that they are reliable, durable and come with an excellent warranty program. I have been a Scott certified repair technician for 14 years with my department. We bench test annually and generally find only minor adjustments are needed to return them to specs. Our guys don't always treat them they way they should and they still hold up well. They manufacture an excellent product and in my experience, stand behind it.
Ive used 2.2's, both the older version without the integrated pass, and aluminum bottles, and the newer with the spun carbon fiber bottles, and integrated pass alarms, and i love them. ive also used MSA and Draeger, and i'd prefer scott any day. I'm familiar with them, and scott has a lot of good things going towards them with it.
We switched two years ago from Survivair which was the SCBA we had 30+ years to the Scott NxG2 4500psi and have not had really any problems to speak of and the problems we have had were covered under warranty.
Just like any other pack....they are only as good as its competent user and how they are maintained. But I will say i have been using the Scott brand for my whole career. I have found nothing better than them.
What more can be said. SCOTT paks are great in MHO

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