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I am in the VERY early stages of an idea, and could use some suggestions. I am contemplating building a fire officer training program specific to our county officers. We are mostly rural POC, with some full time mixed in. I am career, but came from a combo department.
I have thought about local specific topics such as - county EMS policies, integration with law agencies, mutual aid plans, auto aid plans, county resource list review, state agencies overview at the local level, and others.
If you were to put together such a class, what would be some specific topics to your area that should be included?

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Pre-planing for Rural water supply and drills to check the interoprability.
NIMS for incident commanders, sector officers and truck officers.
Mutual aid; What the host does, what the guest does, what each can expect from the other.
Anything that has gone wrong for you or anybody in the area, and how to keep from doing it wrong twice.
Thanks Larry.
Our officers and drivers attend an officers college here. When i went to it the topics were incident managment (using and expanding NIMS), traditions, a sit down q&a type segment w/ upper brass, in basket exercises, staffing exercises, and stratagies and tactics. The chief who puts this together does a great job and brings in great outside help from other areas to help. I believe this year Chief Salka will be teaching one day, great for new and old fire officers. If you have any questions let me know and i can get you in touch w/ the chief over this.
That would be great Brandon, we don't have a very good budget to get bigger names, but the information and content really remains the same. I do have some resources, and had the idea of "spreading the wealth" in regards to teaching topic areas. Anything you could provide will be appreciated.
Hey Jeff,

We have a 4 week Officer Development Program down here in Miami Dade Fire, they go through 2 weeks of classroom, paperwork, counseling stuff than we (the Training Captains) get them for 2 weeks of skills and drills. Drop me a line on my personal email address ( and I will give you my number and we can talk, its too much to

This kind of hard to answer because I'm not familiar with your organization or the way your county/city is set up.

Some of the topics that are reviewed at the local officers program are:
County operational SOP's (RIG assignments, structure fire assignments, communication channels, etcetera)
Leadership (company officer level)
Diversity training (always a good thing with new officers!)
Media and PIO
Training (company officer level)

It's kind of late. That's all I can think of right now. I hope it helps.


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