J. Scott Loftis


United States

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Lives in:
Upstate SC
Oconee County Emergency Services / South Carolina Task Force 1 USAR
Assistant Chief
Years of public service:
Since 1992
Agency structure:
Combination fire department
Top issues in your department:
Not just in my department, but in the fire service as a whole there is a huge lack of LEADERSHIP ABILITY!
Professional Qualifications:
ISAC Fire Officer , HAZ-MAT through Chlorine Specialist, EMT-Basic, Rescue Specialist. Rapid Intervention Instructor, IFSAC Fire Instructor, Technical Rescue Instructor
Topics you provide training for:
All aspects of RIT, Technical Rescue, Fire Suppression, Haz-Mat, Fire Service Leadership
Areas of expertise:
RIT, Fire, Rescue, Haz-Mat, and Fire Service Leadership
Third Generation Fire / Rescue Specialist from Upstate SC.
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  • Renate Wilson

    Hi Scott,

    I'm new to this site, but I read your comments on the SOP's. Would you be willing to send any info you have to us? We are a small island in the Gulf Islands of British Columbia. We have a 1400 gal pumper truck, but we are just getting started. We are first response until the Forestry service shows up, if they do. Thanks in advance
  • Renate Wilson

    We would love any SOP's you'd care to share.   We just had our first fire on the island about a month ago and I think we did pretty well, but we need to get more organized.  I have arranged for a trainer to come to the island next summer to do the S100 training, not sure what its called in the states.  Thanks for any help you can give us


  • Renate Wilson

    Hi Scott,

    Thanks so much for all your SOG's.  I'm also going to look at your website to see if we can use your new training material.  You've helped us to a great start in getting more organized !