Bryan Lafleur


Athens, Tx

United States

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Farmers Branch, Tx, suburb of Dallas
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Paid fire department
Top issues in your department:
Same as most, everyone gripes we don't train enough, but gripes when we do. We are being beat to death with cert training to pad resumes, but are empty qualifications. Wrestling with old guys conforming to the challenges of motivating and training new (ie. different from them) recruits. It requires a little bit of open mind, leadership, and just plain willingness to do it. Them young guys are different than us, but as long as they are willing to learn, I'm gonna do what I can to make sure they do, if they aren't willing, then I'm gonna do what I can to get rid of them. I find it rare that one doesn't want to learn.
Professional Qualifications:
Many on paper that don't mean squat (or shouldn't). A few more from experience and learning from others that don't go on paper so don't mean squat, but should.
Topics you provide training for:
high rises, engine operations, rope rescue, vehicle rescue
Areas of expertise:
rope rescue, high rises, stirring the pot.

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