Apparatus/Equipment upkeep and maintenence

We have found in our experience, that there are many different policies for the upkeep of fire department equipment. Some departments perform upkeep one compartment per week. Others may complete the whole truck in a months time. Some departments perform these duties as often as they utilize the equipment on a call. If it isn't used, it doesn't get serviced. At our department, we completely remove every piece of equipment, one compartment at a time, and clean and check for serviceability, every Thursday. The entire apparatus is cleaned inside and out, to include the engine compartment. If a tool fails inspection, it is fixed or removed from service. How is this duty performed at your respective department or company?
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    Larry Lasich

    If we got paged for Mutual Aid and the rig that was requested was out of service, we would advise dispatch at that time.
    We arn't part of the Galatin County dispatch system and we are geographicly seperate from Madison County. As a result, they don't know if we are working our own deal unless we yell for help and what our level of response can be unless they call.

    We are working toward getting formal MA aggrements with the two departments that are located next to us and that should solve most of the "what have you got and how fast can it get here" problems.

    Hope that helps, if I was unclear let me know and I will try to give you a better answer.
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    Brenda Tenney

    On our department we check our apparatus's ,equipment before any call,during the week,after and call,we roll out the lines and clean them,check the fuel levels and oil.If any truck is low on fuel,after and call ,it gets gas ,and back to the station.
    Our department checks all compartments,to see if everything is in them,and up to date.
    We make a check list of what we need.,if anything is messed up and so on.
    One thing we had to order extra,is and battery for the CPR equipment.We have certain fire fighters who keeps everything up to date,checking out the fire trucks...We do inventory ,on all our things in the dept.,our trucks,,once are twice a month.
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    milli cater

    A piece of equipment needs to be properly maintained, if not it will deteriorate and it won't be of any good. The same thing must be done with your house or office. Luckily that we can resort to professional commercial green cleaning services Omaha NE whenever we need it.