Floor Vents and Egress Orientation

“Some say knowledge is power,…the wisest among us know that the real power lies in shared knowledge”

- Mark VonAppen / Fully Involved

The best way for the fire service to grow and flourish is by continuously bettering those around us, especially those coming up behind us.

A senior fireman once passed on the tip of using floor vents in limited visibility environments to find a means of egress when becoming lost or disoriented.

The placement of floor vents was originally a construction practice implemented in an effort to counter drafts and temperature changes in areas such as windows and doorways.

Identifying a floor vent can assist with  navigating yourself or your crew when an immediate egress point (window or door) is needed due to deteriorating conditions.

By passing along what knowledge and tips you've acquired throughout your career, you are filling an essential role in bettering the job for everyone. Do your part and continue making this the greatest profession known to man.

AB Turenne is a 22-year veteran of the fire service in Eastern Connecticut. As a Certified Level II Fire Service Instructor, AB's training curriculum has proven to be conducive with the operational needs of those he teaches and in turn has improved the human capital knowledge of many. A graduate from the Master of Public Administration program at Anna Maria College, AB has continues his efforts in training and education by contributing to the Fire Engineering Training Community