Downed Firefighter PPE Removal

Firefighter CPR-A Different Perspective

Giving full credit to Leland FD for first showing us an option for Firefighter CPR.  As with anything we see online, on FB or in a video, we study it, try it out and see how it fits into our department, staffing and circumstances.  That being said, three things stood out to us as we trained on Firefighter CPR.  The compression guy was always in the way, We may not have 3 people available initially and perhaps most important is that we don’t know for sure if the downed Firefighter is in cardiac arrest or has just suffered a syncopal episode.  I have seen nearly a dozen firefighters go down in my career in training and on runs and none of them has been in cardiac arrest.  They have been over heated, confused, suffered from hypotension or just been exhausted.  Getting them out of gear quickly and assessing is priority.  Because of this we tweaked what Leland FD put out to make it work for us and want to share.

Our goal is to quickly get the firefighter out of gear (20-30 seconds) and then begin assessing and treating appropriately.  It can be accomplished with 2 rescuers and if there are more present they can grab medical equipment or render aid once the gear is removed from the firefighter.


2 Positions:

Head (Behind the FF) Drags the FF by the SCBA Straps, Position behind the victim keeping the SCBA in between his legs.  Before going to the ground he/she loosens the shoulder straps of the SCBA.  Then

  • Unbuckles Chins strap and removes helmet
  • Grabs hood from front of victim’s neck and pulls off hood and mask in one move.
  • Holds the cuff of the coat of the victim after the feet FF removes gloves.



  • Unbuckle –Chest and Waist Strap
  • Unzip Jacket
  • Remove Glove and hand from cuff first arm (Hand to Head FF)
  • Remove Glove and hand from cuff second arm (Hand to Head FF)
  • Drag Victim out of coat and pack using leg drag



At this point the victim can be assessed and appropriate aid rendered.

As with any training information-try it out with your gear and your guys (more than once) and use it, leave it or make it your own.