The term two-hatter has traditionally been used in the fire service to recognize firefighters who work for a career fire department, as well as volunteer for another. However, on this Veterans Day, I would like to recognize another two-hatter - the men and women who serve as firefighters in their communities, and serve our country as warriors here at home and abroad. For those of you who are currently serving or have served in the past - THANK YOU!

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  • Bobby Halton

    Firefighter/military Two Hatters have been serving America since its founding, during the Revolutionary war the Civil War, the Spanish-American war, World War I and II, Korea and Vietnam and now most recently in Iraq and Afghanistan.On miserable November 29, 2004 the armored Humvee carrying FDNY / Sgt Chris Engledrum and specialist Wilfred Urbina also a firefighter in civilian life and another New York firefighter,Daniel Swift of Ladder 43 and three other soldiers was hit by an IED. Chris and Wifred were killed. Also in 2008 Indianapolis firefighter Gary Henry was killed while serving in Iraq.And there have been dozens more, today we honor all of them, today we are humbled by their devotion to duty, their incredible selfless service and their love of country. May God bless and keep all of them would have fallen and may he keep his protecting hand over all those who currently serve.

  • Brad Hoff

    Thank you Brother!


    As an Honorably Discharged Air Force Active Duty Firefighter 1991-1999 and now a DoD Civilian Firefighter, I am proud to continue serving my Country and Proud to Serve and Protect Those Who Defend Our Freedom and their families!

    Thanks to all our Veterans, many of who are firefighters and are also Guard, Reserves and Active Duty.

    God Bless you and your families and may God continue to Bless the United States of America and our true Defenders of Freedom and protect us from our enemies Foreign and Domestic!

  • Frank Ricci


    Thanks for your message! Our nation has many traditions dating back to the revolution, one that we should not continue is forgetting our veterans. Take words and put them into action. New Haven Fire Fighters donate over $50,000 a year through payroll deduction for Home for Our Troops. There are a lot of great organizations working on behalf of veterans. Our members went with this one because you can see tangible results from your donation.