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At 7:00pm on May 7, 2008, Matt Peksa said…
Thanks, hope I can give some input in the future
At 7:05am on May 7, 2008, michael A. Clark said…
Frank - Thanks for the invite and the welcome. I'll be signing up today. Stay safe Brother! MAC
At 6:47pm on May 6, 2008, Michael Posner said…
I spoke with Bob, Count me in! Let us know if theres anything we can do to help you out.
At 12:48am on May 6, 2008, YANG GUOHONG said…
Thanks for putting me on ur list.
At 9:17pm on May 5, 2008, Ron Palmer Jr said…
Hi Frank- thanks for the invite. I sent you a friend request. Please...I need friends! Ha Ha. Seriously, I just joined this so I'm green. You're in NH. Chris Parker is a third or fourth cousin of mine (if there is such a thing). I also went through FF II with Brian Joos (ck spelling).
At 10:35am on May 4, 2008, Tom Chapman said…
Thanks for the invite. great stuff
At 5:01pm on May 3, 2008, J.C. said…
Thanks for adding me
At 9:51am on May 2, 2008, Scott said…
Thank you for the invite.
I will definitely check it out.
At 10:39pm on May 1, 2008, John Marino said…
I would like to get a hard copy myself but I just found it on youtube.

Sorry Bro
Stay safe
At 8:06pm on May 1, 2008, Roger A. McGary said…
Once I figure out how all of this works...When did you leave Bethesda?
At 1:08pm on May 1, 2008, Nick Weiland said…
Hey brother, thanks for the invite! I've finally figured out how to use this site a little better recently, and wanted to get back to you. In fact the night I received your message I was at work and sitting next to my Capt. Apparently you know each other, from Bethesda. Capt Fred Probst, is my boss and the Station 2 commander for all 3 shifts. He spoke very highly of you and we watched a couple of your vids. I've also recently joined a couple other groups on here, and check this site every day! I love learning and training as much as possible, ecspecially on those sloooow days! Just wish I could bring other peers to the same level of energy and will power to go out and learn. Anyway, be safe and I'll talk to ya soon.
At 6:42am on May 1, 2008, David Rhodes said…
I will see if I can find it again, the part I sent you I had pulled out for a reference a while back. I think it came from an article based on Yoga and Stress Reduction. I will let you know, I have it saved somewhere.
At 2:03pm on April 30, 2008, David Rhodes said…
Ref: FE article. Here is a little info I found when researching skip breathing..."Autogenic Breathing. You breathe in through your nose for a count of three, hold for a two count, and then breathe out through your mouth for a three count. Research has shown that if you perform this technique for a three cycle count, you will decrease your heart rate up to 30% for up to 40 seconds. If your heart rate was around 175 bpm, autogenic breathing would bring it down into a target range of 145 bpm. Siddle found that a person with a 115-145 bpm range is a maximum performance range. In other words, 115-145 bpm is where your fighting skills and reaction time are maximized." Did you guys just study the air consumption rate or did you ID why the air consumption went down? This might help answer that question.
At 11:16am on April 30, 2008, Tim Vermande said…
I'm new to this too...and am also an adjunct (although in history), so I know the problem of getting photos. If you would, go to my web site (, and send me an e-mail, I'll be glad to talk to you about sharing them.
At 10:25am on April 30, 2008, Jimm Walsh said…
Frank, Great Lecture in Indy! You are a great speaker and had great info.
At 6:33pm on April 29, 2008, Tony Lohrman said…
Hey Frank thanks for the info, will check it out
At 6:11pm on April 29, 2008, Barry Henby said…
Hi Frank, I really have no idea how this works, but I would be more than happy to talk tactics. That is one of subjects I love.
Thanks and take care,
Barry Henby
At 5:02pm on April 29, 2008, Terry Holloway said…
Thanks for the invite.
At 8:53am on April 29, 2008, Randy Jones said…
Mr. Ricci,
Thank you for contacting me. I am very interested in training issues, and different stategies & tactics from across the country. I am new to the site so I will keep on the look out for any material you could pass my way. Once again thanks.
At 12:00am on April 29, 2008, Alan Cannon said…
Thanks for the invite. New to the site - just feeling my way around. Will keep an eye on your group and comment wherever I can.

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