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At 3:07pm on May 22, 2009, Scott Kleinschmidt said…
Is the SCT class still going and if so tell Chris Sorintino Scotty K from Wichita said hello!
At 6:14pm on January 18, 2009, DeWayne "Tootch" Eck said…

Thanks for coming all the way to Auburn, Yesterday for that class, it was great having you there to help us. Overall it was a better class then I expected again thanks and good luck and stay safe
At 7:00pm on December 5, 2008, Jim Mason said…
Hey Chief,
I just wanted to say hello, I've been reading your work for years . I've really enjoyed it. I've been busy working on Common Sense Firefighting on this site so I haven;'t had the time to look around until now. I'll try to loo you up at FDIC.
Take Care and happy holidays
Jim Mason
Chgo FD
At 1:49pm on October 31, 2008, Brandon Roark said…
I was in my "office" doing some paperwork and came across a statement you had made in a letter to Fire Engineering. The comment struck me, and I wanted to see if you would be interested in elaborating on its context for me.

The comment was in a letter titled "The Bad Apples" and was printed in the Feb.08 magazine. You mentioned you had made a presentation and stated "...there is nothing new to learn about why firefighters die...”

I’m curious, what was the topic of the presentation? Do you have a presentation built around this quote? I envision this quote as in introduction to a situational awareness class (or something similar).

If you would please contact me via , I find this quote both intriguing and profound and a great basis for something more.

Thanks for all you do Chief!

Brandon Roark
At 3:42pm on October 15, 2008, Michael Rude said…
Chief...Awesome videos and info...Just wanted to say hey and hope to share ideas and info with you down the road....If you know of anyone in your area that is wanting to have a Driver Operator pumper or aerial class...I would love to work on it with or for them...Hope to hear from you soon...!!
At 9:13pm on June 15, 2008, Andy DiRuzza said…
John, I just wanted to Thank you!
I recently went through a rough situation at my department in Alexandria, IN. If it wasn't for your article on Criticism :How to dish it out, and How to take it. I was very discouraged and had to take a some self inventory. Your article made me open my selfish mind. Thanks again.
At 9:21pm on June 14, 2008, Bob Lindsay said…
Your video could have been taken here in Waterloo. It has been a week and the river is supposed to crest tomorrow!
At 1:48pm on June 2, 2008, Steve Pegram said…
John, Thanks for the pictures from FDIC, hope all is well with you.

At 11:25pm on May 25, 2008, David Ebel said…

Please allow me to invite you to a site designed by responders for responders... the crew that is doing it is CISM multilevel trained and are there for the guys after the bad calls. It helps the responders that do not yet have a team or would be worried that they asking for help would be seen as weakness. Please join and share it when you can. As a chaplain with over 25 years of service to fire departments I am excited with it's potential to provide support.

Visit Emergency and Disaster Responders
At 9:19pm on May 25, 2008, Barry Aptt said…
That's what I would guess too. I am sure that wasn't your fire Chief
At 11:49am on May 20, 2008, Todd McKee said…
You may want to think about removing it? Remember be safe and train as training will save lives.
At 12:49am on May 20, 2008, Todd McKee said…
Chief No dis respect but the fire in the room with the guys in the room w/o PPE is disturbing. Is this real?
At 10:57pm on May 19, 2008, Paul Lomske said…
The series of "IFTS Live Fire Trainer" photos, is that fire within the room of people, or an optical illusion?
Looks a little close!
At 12:16am on April 30, 2008, Drew Smith said…
I am well. FDIC was good as always. I always like to see how the other folks live. It was too bad we did not get to talk. Take care.
At 12:09am on April 30, 2008, J. Spaulding said…
Great video's! Great idea's! Thanks for posting... - John
At 8:46pm on April 29, 2008, TR Hagerty said…
John Thanks for adding Indiana stuff TR
At 8:41pm on April 29, 2008, Mike Cornman said…
OH Man! Pretty good actually. We used to video all of our classes just for the purpose of our own instructors QA so to speak. I'm glad to see them. I will make sure the other instructors see them before we have our after action report. THANKS
At 8:20pm on March 31, 2008, Tom Fentress said…
Hey John,
This website is a great tool for instructors to bounce ideas off each other. Thanks for all your help over the past few weeks. Hope to see you a FDIC.
At 9:09pm on March 5, 2008, Rick Lasky said…
Thanks John. I appreciate it more than you can imagine. Thanks for your friendship and see ya soon in Indy brother!
At 8:45pm on March 5, 2008, Eddie Buchanan said…
Hey John! That profile picture looks just like you! How are ya brother? EB

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