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At 2:46pm on October 20, 2009, Ozzie Mirkhah said…
Hi Brad. My assistant Ken Miller is from Alaska. Take care. Oz :-)
At 2:02pm on September 23, 2009, Doug Price said…
Hello Brother just wanted to drop by and check on ya, see how things r goin with ya.
At 2:38pm on September 1, 2009, Doug Price said…
U R rite my brother!
At 10:17am on September 1, 2009, Doug Price said…
First off thanks for the prayers for Marnie and my friend. Most of all i agree with you completely we have one of our guys from Valdese FD over there now. One of the guys from the PD is getting ready to leave also. The more prayers that are prayed the better it will be hopefully. Take Care.

KTF, EGH, DTRT, and always Remember , never Forget!!!
At 9:03pm on August 31, 2009, Doug Price said…
Don't know agood word. Marnie's sick and had a brother on the other side of the badge get hit on his motorcycle last pm, everything is good with him. We r gonna do our very best to get done to the OBX. Give me a call later on this week and lets talk about it.

At 10:30pm on August 20, 2009, Nick Morgan said…
I sent some recommendations to her via FB, maybe Glenn Corbett too. Bobby Halton and Rick Lasky can probably put her in touch with lot's of others.
Stay safe!
At 2:49pm on August 20, 2009, Nick Morgan said…
Hey Brad,
Great to hear it. Melissa wants me to be an admin for the group too. I think it's great that you took up her cause and put it on the FE community. Like we always say, "Never Forget!" Melissa has a great heart for the fire service.
Stay safe brother!
At 3:08pm on August 5, 2009, Doug Price said…
Hey brother, that will work just let us know when ur coming on down south. I'm not doiin much for rookie school then so should b easy for us to get away. The more bling the better the ol girl will look, loud pipes save lifes.

KTF !!!
At 11:00pm on July 24, 2009, Marnie Price said…
Brother Brad, Hello!!
Like the new pic! Much better than the smelly fish pic, haha!! Hope your keeping things under control up there in the big A. Stay Safe! Doug said you were needing a name for your new scooter. Have you come up with one?
Stay safe,
At 4:07pm on July 21, 2009, Doug Price said…
Yea I know she told me the redneck thing had to go, but u know we have to slip bk to the roots ever now and then. The bike looks great take care of her and she'll do u rite, Rubber side down always!

Take care Brother
At 9:10pm on July 17, 2009, Rick Lasky said…
Thanks pal and it was great seeing you too! Be safe brother!
At 6:53am on July 14, 2009, Marnie Price said…
Hello Brother Brad!
I just read my hubbies post below! OMG, redneck brother, huh? I didn't marry no redneck!! So you saw my little fur baby on the Chief's page! He is my little man!! And he loves his daddy, too! He's just a little spoiled. Hope all is well up there. Take care, stay safe, train hard!
At 7:19pm on July 13, 2009, Doug Price said…
Hey brother just give us a call and let us know where ur @ when u get here and we will do our dead level best to get there. Yea the Chief is comin this way the 1st of Aug. but he will b about 3 hrs east of us and Marnie is workin that weekend so don't know if we will get to c him. If we had a cell number for maybe we could give him a quick call just to say hi. Take care brother. Ur redneck brother n the south.(lol)
At 8:11pm on July 6, 2009, Doug Price said…
Not much here either brother. We just started the rookie school for 17 at work. So the the two days off are gone for awhile my days r filled with teachin until middle of nov. for all the insturctors at the FD. How did the promotion stuff go for ya'll. Let me know about ur trip down to the OBX so we can make plans to catch up with ya. Take care.

At 8:03pm on June 8, 2009, Doug Price said…
Good Luck. If it's meant to b it will. We r n the process of during promotions also so I know how it's goin. We have 17 new rookies starting july 1 so all the instructors are geeting geared up for a long summer.
take care brother.

At 9:16pm on June 2, 2009, Doug Price said…
Hey brother, well it is a small. So i guess u can come to hickory to meet the family, we could get together an me an marnie could show u the sites here so u can get the fever to move this way. It was in the low 90s today, coolin bk to the 80s the rest of the week. Good luck on the Capt. exam. talk to ya soon my far away brother.

At 12:08pm on May 27, 2009, Doug Price said…
Hey Brother, we just wanted to check on ya to make sure u was makin it though all the bad weather out there sounds like ur gettin hammered, likewise here also. Take care. Later

At 11:27am on May 14, 2009, Doug Price said…
Yea i hope so. I talked to Marnie last nite about the OBX trip and she said that should not be a problem, when you can get some dates let me know. As long as it's not around the thrid weekend in Oct. thats our county fire college but anything else is good. Take care Brother.

At 7:03pm on May 13, 2009, Doug Price said…
Brother, I hate I missed what Ray had to say, but I think after hearing his statement for pulling it. What he said may have been what all of us want to say and are afraid to,he done it for us sounds like. Yea its bad for him it sounds like by having to go to the HQ, hopefully the higher ups will understand where he was coming from. And I hope everything works out in his favor the Brotherhood will stand by him I know. If you here of anything else on this or see it anywhere let me know please, so I can see it also. As far as Chief Halton doing what he did he did it because its what he thought was the right thing to do. I think he would have done that for anyone of us to keep from causing any trouble or bad vibes on any Dept. Take care and talk to ya soon my friend.

At 6:30pm on May 13, 2009, Doug Price said…
Hey Brother, sure just gets me some dates and i'll c what we can do about getting out to the OBX. We been getting some fire in the volly dept. had a small fire today not much to it though. Starting to get a little warm here if the rain will stay away. I will check out Chief Haltons comments and let u know.

KTF!!! Doug & Marnie

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