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At 11:35am on February 6, 2011, Paul Combs said…
Thanks, Joe!!
At 6:49pm on January 15, 2010, Jon Kucharski said…
Hey Im finally on this thing. Just replied the the friend request, still gotta get use to this, I like it but think i can get alot more from it with some more time one it
At 9:08pm on July 8, 2009, Frank Ricci said…
Thanks hope to meet you at FDIC next year.
At 2:23pm on July 7, 2009, Jeff Clayton said…

This may help your quest, if you read it...all of it (it will be tough), you will probably find it educational and eye-opening.
My apologies if this is a document you have already read.

Stay safe,
At 7:48pm on May 4, 2009, Arthur C. Rauch said…
We did the Light em' and fight em' with the Garden Homes Academy. I will make that inquiry for you. Also I did get my resume to Alex Griff. Hopefullly if I get my application, can I use you as a reference?
At 8:36am on May 4, 2009, Arthur C. Rauch said…
Joe, I can probably get you in the E.M.T. side. That is what I'm doing now. Have not taught any fire classes yet. Hoping to when they get the internship program up and running. We missed you last weekend and IFSI.
At 8:00pm on April 24, 2009, Arthur C. Rauch said…
What is it you are looking to do?
At 10:23pm on April 23, 2009, Rob Cannon said…
I won't be on the IFSI training grounds. I am taking Leadership and Pump Operator. Keep in touch and let me know if you want meet up for some food or what not.
At 10:13pm on April 22, 2009, Rob Cannon said…
Hey Joe how have you been? Anything new? I moved back to the area (for several reasons, nothing bad). I am going down to fire college, if you're going, maybe we can meet up and grab an adult beverage and chat.

Stay Safe Brother!


At 10:35pm on February 28, 2009, Marty Mayes said…
I left you a note on your forum. My number is 817.301.3150. I know we can help here.

At 1:21am on January 19, 2009, Rob Cannon said…
Joe this sound familiar? Haha!

"Alsip minor alarm, Alsip minor alarm..."
At 4:01pm on January 13, 2009, Rob Cannon said…
Hey thanks and look forward to it!
At 5:42pm on January 12, 2009, Art Zern said…
Hey Joe,

It was great to meet you today. Thanks for your input. Keep the faith.

At 6:18pm on January 10, 2009, Rob Cannon said…
Do you teach at IFSI Fire College? You taught one of my classes a couple years ago. If this is you, I believe we talked about our depts. being in the burbs of chicago and on the same frequency. Ha!

"Semper Vigilante"

At 10:44pm on December 17, 2008, Art Zern said…

Thanks for joining the IFSI group. Please feel free to start or add to discussions. I have enjoyed reading your posts on the CSF discussions.

At 6:56pm on November 23, 2008, Jim Mason said…
Nice post on CSF (Common Sense Firefighting). It's a page for decision making on the fire ground. You're welcome to join it and you'll get the notifictions on the new discussions. I see we're qlomst nieghbors here in Chgo land. I was on Oak Lawn for about 6 years - I left for Chgo about 16 years ago
At 4:19pm on October 8, 2008, Tim Olk said…
Thanks Bro Always Nice To Get Some Feed Back
At 12:39pm on October 8, 2008, PJ Langmaid said…
I appreciate the feedback/reply and the B.A.G. concept. Thanks.
At 11:39am on October 8, 2008, brenda farlow said…

Thanks. It was a good weekend all around. Thanks for letting me participate. I would like to be more involved in the future so if you have use for me....let me know.

At 9:30pm on October 7, 2008, Brotherhood Instructors, LLC said…

Thanks for the add bro. Hope all is well in the SW burbs. Let us know if you need a hand with anything for your regional class. It sounds like it is going to be a big hit!

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