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At 5:41pm on August 13, 2008, Michael J. Foley said…
Has the International Association of Arson Investigators or the National Association of Fire Investigators been contacted to participate in the review?

I know collegues in the private consulting, insurance investigation field that performed the site investigation.

If interested in further information please contact me.
At 4:32pm on August 13, 2008, Marty Hamrick said…
Brother you may be the man who can help me. I am looking for info on the BTU's of common residential furnishings. I have looked at this info before, but can't find it now. I am working on a class on GPM's vs. BTU's and would like to add this info... like a comparision of old natural materials to new plastic/ synthetic ones.
At 8:47pm on June 12, 2008, Glenn Corbett said…
Great, just joking. I've been watching them on all is well with you and your growing family!
At 1:37pm on June 12, 2008, Chris Mc Loone said…
I have Seasons I and II on DVD if you're looking to borrow them! has episodes of Emergency! running online too.

How is everything?
At 1:33pm on June 12, 2008, Glenn Corbett said…
No problema, Chris. Download a few episodes of Emergency! for me....
At 1:28pm on June 12, 2008, Chris Mc Loone said…
Hey, Glenn--

Thanks for calling Di about my prize. She called me right away!

At 5:46pm on May 20, 2008, David Lewis said…
Glenn, I'd be happy to take the lead, provided you are there to help back-me-up. *wink* . . . What do you envision this looking like? A web page, a discussion list, a "book"?

To some extent this project has already been done with your monthly trivia contests, and also on the great website created by Capt. Mica (check it out: )
At 1:48pm on May 20, 2008, Glenn Corbett said…
Good idea, Kevin. David Lewis of the Aurora Fire Museum is in this group - I think he would be a great leader for this :"list" project. What say you, David?
At 3:51am on May 20, 2008, Kevin F. Burns said…
I understand Glenn. I know what you mean. Maybe we could throw it out to the group ... a term a month or something like that. Is there a source you could suggest for research ... like if I want to find out why we call it a "still" alarm, where's a good place to look? Thanks.
At 12:58pm on May 19, 2008, Bob Tucker said…
Thanks for the information
At 5:23am on May 19, 2008, Kevin F. Burns said…
Dear Glenn: I wonder if you might consider a list of definitions of the history of fire service terms ... you've talked about them on the podcasts with Chief Lasky I know, but I'd love a "one stop shopping" place where I could look up, e.g., why do we call them "still" alarms, why is a hydrant called a "plug", etc. Maybe an alphabetical listing of fire service terms from a historical standpoint. I'd be happy to help if you need anything but you could probably do it off the top of your head! Thanks.
At 11:49am on May 17, 2008, Bob Tucker said…
Thank you for all you do. I am interested in fire service history and have had trouble finding information on 2 fires. Is there a place you know of that I can get information on the 1849 St. Louis Fire or the Beverly Hills Social Cleb fire in Southgate Ky? Thank you for any help you can give me.

Bob T.
At 10:44pm on May 7, 2008, Glenn Corbett said…
Thanks, Brad! I'm glad you enjoy them....Rick and I Iike putting them together. I won't overdose you (and everyone else) with history though....ZZZZZZZZZZ....we'll do them every once in a while.

At 12:29pm on May 7, 2008, Brad Buck said…
Your info on FE radio for the "Pride and Ownership" series is tremendous. Thanks for all you give back to us.
At 9:00pm on May 2, 2008, Todd Haines said…
Glenn, I have always enjoyed your insight and articles in Fire Engineering but I refer back to you statement to the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon The United States. The need to discuss through the fire code review process and pre-incident planning on how we can be proactive in today's structures. We need to recognize and understand the threat and how can we best incorporate emergency planning, building construction and the adopted fire code requirements and sell it to the developer to work with us to understand why we need to work together on these issues so we can provide the maximum protection for all of us when the next incident occurs. Thank you for what you do for the fire service.
At 9:13pm on April 25, 2008, Shane Furuta said…
Hey Chief! Thanks for the great info on those books. I was able to find 4 of the 5 you recommended! I can't wait to get them in. Would you happen to know who authored Fire in America? That is the only book I couldn't find... By the way, how did you add that image to your posting? I tried to attach a file and it ends up as a link to my jpeg attachment.

Aloha -Shane
At 6:33pm on April 23, 2008, Walter Riker said…
Hello Professor Corbett A.K.A Chief Corbett this is a cool web site see if you can figure out who this is.
At 6:01pm on April 21, 2008, Frank Ricci said…
Thanks for your work on the paper and taking time to introduce me around at dinner.
At 9:05pm on April 20, 2008, Chris Mc Loone said…
Thanks for the old shot in the arm and the congrats.

It's been a blast, but I think Mc Loone family expansion, at least for this Mc Loone, is complete. The trifecta is as far as we want to go.

I've already started prepping Jen for next year's FDIC. I'm really hoping to be there.

At 8:59pm on April 20, 2008, Glenn Corbett said…
Hey Chris-

Yes, it was great.. but would have been greater if you could have come! Congratulations on the new kid!


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