Tom Rinoldo

57, Male

United States

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Framingham, MA Fire Department
Years of public service:
Agency structure:
Paid fire department
Top issues in your department:
Accountability both fireground and around the station.
Professional Qualifications:
Firefighter I / II
Fire Instructor I
Fire Instructor II
Fire Officer I
Fire Officer II
Rescue Technician Rope Rescue
All through the Massachusetts Fire Training Council and the National Pro Board.
Topics you provide training for:
Technical Rescue.
Basic Recruit Training.
Safety and Survival.
At the Massachusetts Firefighting Academy
Areas of expertise:
Technical Rescue
Hired December 15, 1993. Promoted to Lieutenant September 12, 2004. Currently assigned to Platform Company 1, Group 1. Instructor at the Massachusetts Firefighting Academy in Stow, MA. Married to Caralinn. We have a daughter Rebecca.
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  • Will Rolfe

    Thats awesome! Have a great time. I went there in 88 its a great place.
  • Barry Aptt

    nice action photo
  • Rick Kolomay

    Dear Tom, it is great to hear from you and I can not thank enough for the kind words of support. I know there are a lot of horror stories about promotion to chief officer level, but this is not one of them - I am loving my move and promotion. I work for a great group of men and women. The changes are coming fast and they are keeping up unlike anywhere. It sure has proven that no matter how old or how long I do this job, the learning just will never stop. Got to love it Tom. I hope all is well in Framingham! Please be safe with all this "beautiful" weather happening now. It is good for work though!! Rick