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I was the person that worked the party in the Zebra room the day of the Fire. I will never forget that day or that night as long as I live or things that took place after.. I believe the families deserve to know what happened that night.. The TRUTH NEEDS to be told.. Thank you for allowing me to be apart of this discussion.. Ask any questions you like.

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Hi Kevin-

I undertstand your point. However, there are siginificant questions about how the investigations were conducted and the conclusions that were drawn. There are witnesses, documentary evidence (photos, etc.), and even some physical evidence from the civil litigation that still exist today.

I would hope everyone would have an open mind as we review this material, in some cases material that seems to have been overlooked in the original inquires. I believe the fire community can have valuable input into this endeavor.

We may end up with the same conclusions as they did 30 years ago, perhaps not.

Glenn Corbett
I guess I didn't say what I wanted in the proper manor for this I am sorry. This was done By an individual who was not of the fire department but someone else .This person brought a crew in and done this after the fire was out. is what my understanding is. If this is the case .Would this not destroy valuable evidence? If other vehicles run over it and not knowing where it came from carted it off as that was what was done..I want the truth so maybe I too can have some closure to this..I know I will never forget that night or the things that transpired from it. I thank you for any answers You can help us get.
I would like to thank, You and Todd for keeping an open mind and also want to say I do have the utmost respect for our men and women who serve on the fire departments all over the world for what they have to deal with on a daily basis. I admire each and everyone. All I ask is Please help us get some much needed answers and hopefully the truth to this.
Thank you Todd..Maybe if they knew they would understand..I worry sometimes. Even tho I know what could happen,I want the truth to be known no matter what..I wish my mom was still alive so she could tell a few things as well to you and Glenn.. I am just so glad that there are people listening..I would like to say Thank you to each and everyone of you.. For those that don't know I had actual family working there that night ..we would see different people at different times and that knew us and ask if they saw my family and would tell us as far as we know they haven't been found. But we did indeed all get out....
Your Welcome and thank you for your kind words! There are several things that folks don't know but there is also several things that are not yet fully proven. Let's proove a few things and then share addtional facts. God Bless you and Your Family Todd MCKee
Hi Greg,

Yes, I believe that the witnesses (Dave and Shirley) provide important pieces of evidence that were never explored.. The only way to find out is to actually interview the individuals who were observed in the Zebra Room before the fire. If this fire was intentional, it is mass murder. If things were done to accelerate the spread of the fire, then yes, it affected the outcome of the fire. I think that they will agree with you that it moved very quickly.

Please be patient with them and hear them out. I'm sure that you would agree that the results of any fire investigation have to be able to stand the "test" of all challenges - even issues that surface 30 years after the fire. This is why we will be using today's NFPA 921 to evaluate how the investigation was conducted in 1977 and see.if we can draw the same conclusions.

Hi Shirley-

Thanks for your participation. Your experiences and observations are critical to this inquiry. As you can see, the information that you and Dave are providing is new and shocking to many people.

I know this is difficult for you having to relive this disaster. Finding out the truth is perhaps one of the best memorials to the 165 who were lost.

We appreciate your efforts.

The only thing I would like to correct here, Kevin, is the assertion that salvage and overhaul by the firefighters landed the contents of the Zebra Room out in the driveway. This is incorrect. The front of the club from ground-level barely showed the effects of a devastating fire that weekend. The facade and front of the club was torn into by a Carisle Construction crane on Monday or Tuesday, 30 or 31 May 1977 on orders, likely from the offices of the Kentucky State Police, after the last two bodies were found in among the wreckage of the adjacent Viennese Room. These two victims had been on the second floor and had become hopelessly trapped up there.
On your first points, I couldn't agree more: I have always maintained that Southgate FD could have had a station at the bottom of the hill to the club and little would have changed. They had two choices: Rescue or fire suppression. But they hadn't the manpower to do either effectively. Southgate, Ft. Thomas, Wilder and countless other departments in NKY that night put in a superhuman effort to lessen the death toll. It could have been MUCH worse.

Bit O 'trivia for all of you: Did you know that there was another multi-alarm fire that same night in Northern Kentucky? Anybody hear of Duro Bag? They make those paper bags we (used to) get at supermarkets. All NKY was busy that night...
For Todd:
Be aware that at LEAST three eyewitnesses reported seeing smoke "puffing" from the roof at the front of the building with absolutely prototypical backdraft indications as early as 5:30 to 6:00 PM. Unfortunately, they all thought it must be issuing from the kitchen... The fire rang into the Campbell County dispatch center at 9:01 PM.
Be aware too, that except for the Zebra Room, the majority of the club's walls were wallpaper and fabric covered...

I missed understood you your telling me that three hours before the fire there was puffing of smoke in the exterior. Do you have time for a phone call right now?
For the survivors and families posting: In the event it is determined to be a incendiary fire or a cause other than what is documented, we all owe it to you to provide the most scientifically logical determination based on current methods of investigation in accordance with NFPA 921. .
You are very welcome Todd and I thank You for what you have told me..I agree,Yes there are several things that folks don't know and if they did they may undestand a little more..I agree about the proving than the sharring of additional facts.. God Bless You and Yours, Because I firmly Belive He is the reason I am still here.. Shirley


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