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I was wondering how other departments educate their personnel on fire behavior. I use to do the old boring essentials slides but these were pretty worthless. In February I started a new hybrid program that combined a lot of different ideas. It seemed that our personnel now have a better understanding of the pre cursors. Which in my opinion is what matters. Who cares if they know what a back draft looks like if they are in any type of extreme fire behavior I pray they can come tell me about it. Teach them what to look for before it is too late. Please let me know what you think or how you handle this training.

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Here are a few low quality videos from one of our guys phones. I will hopefully get some better quality soon. But these should give you an idea of how I was trying to demonstrate a little extreme fire behavior on a safer small scale. I know the videos will play in realplayer but I will try to get them to play with FEs player as well.
IFor shift training I have went back to the basics, so to speak. I put together some simple questions to test their simple knowledge. Keep in mind I'm teaching the experienced fire fighter to the rookie. The questions were simple and had direct contact with Fire Behavior and Building Construction. I used fire fighters deaths from the past and businesses in our district to make a point. Making them part of the discussion and the learning process will worked. You can cover the Essentials portion in easy time but linking all of the information to the work place makes it come home. The instructor needs to be able to get in contact with whom they are teaching. Find the angle and the learning will come. Leave the big city and stay in the community. We have great round table discussions, and I have used the experinece of the fire fighters to help teach. Everyone has different levels of expertise. This is what has worked for me and made training alot more enjoyable. Hope to have helped
I was wondering how to get the power point presention to match the document. When I opened the document only a few page have anything on them. Could you e-mail the document and power point to me or do you know where i can download it from on the net.


Patrick Hultman said:
Here is the powerpoint for those that were interested. Still working on how to upload the rest.
I like to start in the classroom with power point, lectures and of course video's. It is also a great time for a veteran Instructor to share what he has seen in his career and experienced first hand. Fire footage from any big city dept's works well but I love showing FDNY's - The Battle Continues Series. There is a ton a great footage on youtube and on many other firefighting web sites. Most footage is good but you will find a good amount of "Don't Do This" which is great for teaching. We like to use the Flashover/Heat prop and our Class A Live Fire buildings. Basically it's a bunch on Conex cans cut and welded in L & T shapes with an upstairs etc. Bring them in the cans early so they can see how the fire progresses from Incipient Stage up to Fully Developed with some Rollover etc. There is a great opportunity to teach as the fire grows and conditions change in the can. Expain how the wood heats up pyrolizes, off gases etc. Watch using a TIC where the gases go and how far away from the fire that you actually see Rollover. They need to see it and hear it over and over again. Multiple entries over a few days span should get them pretty comfortable with heavy smoke and moderate heat. We teach if the air in your tank heats up or if it is so uncomfortable in the box that you need to move to the back or suck the floor that you should be venting and cooling while backing out for safer operations. Some key points to explain are Vent Point Ignition, Tounge & Snakes above us in the smoke, Rollover and changing Smoke Conditions (pressurized, darker, Black Fire, etc.) I have been in well over 100 burns in these cans and it amazes me how different the conditions are in each burn. Good Luck...
Sorry it took so long. Here is the power point file. Hope this helps someone. Sorry about the video links not working, not sure how to embed them into the powerpoint file. I will update again if I figure it out. Good Luck!!!!
Do you know where I can download the videos for the power point.

The power point looks perfect for what we were looking for. If you know of any more power points for any kind of training please let me know.

I am really looking hard for one on responding in Pov's we don't run lights but we also have no training for responding and this could help the guys.

Those old boring slides should be a starting point for their training, however it's just that the BEGINNING. Fire behavior needs to be recognized by everyone on the fireground after all it's part of the on-going size-up. All firefighters need to be educated in how to recognize the signs of BACKDRAFT and FLASHOVER these are life threatening fire conditions that don't always follow the classic signs that we teach in the classroom. All our recruits are given Flashover training now if you've been in one of these containers this is secondary before entering this container our students are given a classroom session on what they are to look for during the burn. Praying that they survive the event to be able to tell you about it is a dangerous approach.

Classes such as the ART of READING SMOKE by Dave Dodsen is another good approach to recognizing signs of rapid fire development. It will also teach the students how to read the conditions before and after entering the building. As trainers we must utilize every available piece of information to teach not only fire behavior but all aspects of our job. Look for this information anywhere you can find it and pass it along.

Mike Nasta

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