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I'm presenting the video "Out of Air" to my department for several nights for those interested. While the video is well done and gets the information across in a manner I believe will be well received, I would like to do more than just play the video. Does anyone have any idea's on either a demonstration or exercise I could put the members through to help reinforce the information?



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If you can get enough time I would show the Houston High rise rescue video from March 2007 of Capt. Eric Abbt very moving and puts "out of air" in context.
In the case of Eric Abbt, training should be in the area of staying with your crew and not putting youself in the situation like he did.  he put a lot of fesponders at risk not to say what they did using the ladder of the aeriel  as a forceable entry tool.
The video addresses the Houston Mayday during the course of its instruction, very well put together.

I agree with Chief Halton, how far in depth does it go while addressing the Houston incident? If it’s not the entire video then I would strongly suggest showing the entire thing.  That has been one of my tools for new members sense the first time a watched the video. It’s something that all of my recruits watch when they first get on the department. Great training  

Unfortunately it seems the first night was a bust. Only had 1 member attend, the majority of our younger & active guys were at a different station doing a "standby". The officers of the standby gave the members the option of a quick 30 minute scavenger hunt for equipment on our rigs (which we've had for years) or to attend. Looks like quick & easy won out. Will have to wait and see how the next showing goes.


Is anyone else running into the issue of Rookies thinking their so amazingly awesome right out of training & have nothing to learn anymore once they get the title of Firefighter?


For sure we are having this issue, however it is kinda at both ends of the spectrum. We have our younger guys that are busy and don’t want to train and then we have the older generation that is reinforcing what the young ones are doing by not training themselves. I had a nice training set up the other night but I was working, so I had the LT and AC take care of it. They tested hose because “it’s not like the guys that where there need to do search and hose advancement, we’ve done it for years and XXXXX just got out of fire class”. Yeah so just hold strong and keep the faith man, and the biggest thing is to train the pants off of that one person who shows up. Never change your plan or cancel training because of lack of participation. Just keep pluggin along my friend and the mutts will work their way out, promise!


Keep the faith brothers!


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