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I recieved a nice note about you guys thought I should share it with you

I hope I am writing to the correct person here, if not, I apologise in advance. I have absolutely nothing to do with fire fighting ( I work in the disability industry ) and came upon your site while checking out formats on I wrote a crew of fire-fighters one of whom I am an acquaintance of due to us being members of a small group.

This particular crew was involved in a fatal fire call out which involved children. I really don’t know the area the crew was from other than somewhere in Washington State I believe. I live in Australia so I’m unfamiliar with areas in that particular state.

Anyway, getting to my point, I wrote this poem and it would basically apply to all fire-fighters the world over...then I saw your site and thought you might possibly like to use it somewhere.

Of course if you don’t wish to use it, that also is quite okay but it was written with humble respect for all men and women such as yourself. I will copy it below.

Regards, Jan.

Inaudible Emotions

Sometimes we wonder why we chose

this line of work, God only knows.

It doesn't often bring a smile

although we know we are worthwhile.

Thankless heroes we might be

but those who know do truly see,

this brotherhood of bonded crew

work side by side each day, right through.

There'll always be the 'what if' thought

but what if we'd not rallied forth

to do the very best we could....

remember times we did real good?

We too have hearts let it be known

tho' some may think we're made of stone,

so take the time to let grief show

then join our strength and onwards go.


Oct. 27, ‘08

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Very nice words!
very well done!

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