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We have got some serious issues with our city Police Department. So serious that some day they are going to be injured to the point they will not come back to work or even worse be killed doing our job. It really has begun a laughing matter with our PD. They beat us on scene every time for a fire because of thePD/FD dispatchers being so close to each other. They RUSH in leave an unmanned Police car INFRONT of the building. They dump numerous dry chem. Extinguishers trying to put the fire out when on their arrival its already past the point of a dry chem extinguisher. Being overcome by smoke and Ansul hacking and yacking on the outside of the building after their HEROIC attempt to mess things up. I do have a dear friend of mine who is on the PD and he laughs for beating us in on calls.

I left him a message saying Quote: Dear Puzzled Cop,

We do mind that you put our fires out because it's NOT IN YOUR JOB DESCRIPTION! Its like having a robber holding up a bank and 18 firefighters arrive on scene and block the building so you can't get in and do YOUR job..... If we wanted to to be cops we would have been cops if you wanted to be a firefighter well then become an EMT and switch over! After all we do have some firefighters that have done that so it can be done. All I'm saying is we don't want to pull up to a building fire and ask if everyone is out and they say “All is out except for a cop who went in to do your job” It doesn't look good for us and you. Whats going to happen when you don't come home because you were killed?

Just some food for thought its not the FIRE that will get you guys. One of these times it will be the smoke! The last time I checked you guys Do not carry SCBA's (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) in your cars or turnout gear for that matter..... During the Police academy what day was it when they taught fire attack?

So that's why we get a little bitter when you guys all think you're invincible and RUN IN FOR SOMETHING THAT CAN KILL YOU! Hey just an FYI we have a cancer bill to protect us if we develop cancer while on the job.... Because we deal with smoke and other toxic stuff on a day to day basis. What do the cops have?

Concerned for your safety,

The Friendly Firefighter!
For starters both PD and Fire Unions do not play well. We also tried getting both Chiefs involved but i guess its not an important issue at this time....




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go to the city council or city manager who overseas everything they would be the first step if you are worried about safety concerns if your chain of command doesnt do anything. just go to the next higher person in that chain, easiest way to do that is with specifics, date and times of the offensives so that way they have all the info they need to be able to do their own investigation 

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