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Aside from having our next class in Las Vegas (two days) I've been working on additional material for firefighters who are considering advancing and have to face an assessment center. In reviewing much of the literature on leadership development, particularly in Public Safety (and yes, this does include Firefighters) there is really a gap between what many agencies "say" vs what they actually "do" in preparing their future officers for command, much less supervisory or management positions. The number of technological courses and skills for firefighting is really staggering, compared to police or corrections in-service training, yet the same gap of introductory courses to leadership, including first line supervisors or managers, which leads to a gap in command and control functions. I recently met with a division fire chief who had been working on his paper for the Fire Command program, and he is right on track with the issues. I have a survey that I'd like to invite any of you to participate in that really assesses our current levels of leadership development from an in-service or internally approved function. If you would, please take a few minutes to take the survey. Should you wish to use the survey for your own research, you're welcome to do so. Go to our web site and you can see the link to the survey. There is a password but it's posted for ease of access. Only one participant per agency please. Assessment Center training KSA Ltd.

KSA Ltd.

or copy this link to take the survey: <a href="">Click here to take survey</a>

(Password is "assess")


Rick M.

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You are correct that most fire departments do not know how to develop future leaders. Many have in hosue "mentor programs" that for the most part are really "manager mentor programs" showing firefighters how to do the functions of an officer like reports, rosters, time management tasks, etc. Not many have leadership mentor programs that provide strategy and tactics on "How to lead, develop and motivate individuals".  We have a show on Fire Engineering Talk Radio and we covered Personality Based Effective Communications on our debut show: Episode 27.


We then transitioned our next show into how to deal with negativity in the fire service on Episode 48. This is currently the highest listened show since FE started talk radio and I think it hits right home on many issues that leaders must deal with. The problem is most company officer programs do not provide any training on how to deal with personality conflicts, conflict mediation, and behavioral modification.


I look forward to checking out your survey and filling it out. Good post brother and stay safe.



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