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Does anyone have an SOP regarding radio communications from crews going interior on a structure fire to command? (for example - "Interior entering through Division Alpha performing search and rescue, PAR of 3")

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Our departments accountability person is linked at the hip of the IC. If we have enough people we will have the main accountability person and a secondary one at the door. We have two tags on our helmets one goes on a clip on the engine which in turn goes to the main accountability person. The other tag is in reserve for when we go interior. We usually only have 1 access point for going interior unless the situation designates the use of more than one. When we are about to make entry the secondary accountability officer takes our tags and puts them on his board and then if requested communicates who is inside. This lessens the radio traffic but accountability knows who is inside.

We also do a standard 15min. P.A.R. check called off by dispatch or at shorter intervals if requested by the IC. This is how our county operates as well as another county that I have worked with 2 counties south of my county.

It seems to work well and is just another way to do it. But we strive to keep the radio clear for real traffic. Don't get me wrong, we still communicate a lot over the radio but telling IC that Bill and Jim are inside or that John and Kyle are going to be working on the Charlie side are what we have gotten rid of through a good accountability system.

I have had the chance to be the main accountability officer when I was on our Breathing Support a couple of times and it is difficult keeping track of everyone. But it is a job well done when the IC can look over my shoulder at the board and in 2 sec. see where everyone is including interior.

I hope this helps.
We do not have a standard for communicating when entering the IDLH except for when a Co is entering from other than the "A" side. For example, if Command assigns my Co VES, I will radio, "Truck 3 to Command...Go ahead for Command...Truck 3 is entering the 2nd floor "D" side for VES...Command OK, Truck 3 2nd floor "D" side for VES..."

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