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im a Lt. on a small volunteer fire dept and just recently(last meeting) was also given the responsibility of becoming the first safety officer in the dept's history. i have a class coming up in a couple weeks but until then can anyone help me find some specific training i might find on the internet?

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Congratulations. First rule; You have no friends while you are working.

Safety officer needs to know; building construction, air management, accountability, RIT (SO is the RIT Commander). You have the responsibility for all the NFPA standards for operations on the fire ground, training, live burn training, rehab, plus enforcing safe behavior on the way to the scene, on scene and returning to the station. If you are first due at a mutual aid call, you will be doing this for all the other departments that show, so you get to “counsel” with their officers and crew leaders if you see free lancing, bad PPE, any unsafe acts, etc.

You are going to get static about it, but hang tough. You are doing this to get everyone back home to the wife and kids. Don’t stop learning, don’t say it if your not sure (if you don’t guess, you will never have to guess wrong), don’t ever back away from a tough call and stick to your decisions.

Good luck, it’s a tough job.
David, Send dme your email address and I'll send you some info I have on ISO. Plus the ISO book by David Dodson is a great book to read.
thank you i appreciate all help
I need info on scene safety I just recieved this position
Douglas DuBree said:
David, Send dme your email address and I'll send you some info I have on ISO. Plus the ISO book by David Dodson is a great book to read.
That is what I need and I have no clue to what the department really expects of me.
Send your email address to and I'll send you the info.
please keep the algood fire dept in your prayers we lost a member tuesday i would like to remind everyone to keep trainig hard as a small dept we never dreamed we would be dispatched to the residence of one of our own. tragedy can strike at anytime so i would like to ask everyone to keep the family of bruce baronowski in thier prayers.

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