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I'd like to take an informal survey to find how many Firefighters are also Amateur Radio Operators. My call sign is W8JSA and I'm a General Class Operator. I have found that Ham Radio does two things for me, first is my ability to continue to communicate should the public safety trunked radio system shut and while at home it's nice to "meet" others from around the world without leaving my shack, that's where a ham radio operator has his or hers radios, etc. Below are a couple of URLs regarding Amateur Radio:

My personal website,

73s de Jeff

Be safe, Brothers and Sisters when dancing with the Devil . . . !

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Spot on.

Brent Sanger said:
W8JSA de KL0IF......QSL?

Amateur radio has it's place in the fire service by offering an alternative method of handling non-emergent traffic in a disaster situation, which is when Ham Radio really shines.
What are your feelings about a HF net just for Firefighters / EMTs?

William Sigler said:
Yep...I'm one too..Since High School. My original call was WA3SNV When I lived in Bethesda, MD. Breifly Volunteered at Montgomery Co. Rescue 1, before I ended up in west Virginia where I'm currently at. Retired January 2009 from Kanawha Co. Ambulance as a paramedic after 30 years. Still work part time and part time at a local 2 way radio shop. Been active volunteer firefighter with Malden and Rand VFD's since 1973.

Best 73's ...bill
Ford is replacing the Crown Vic with a special police package Taurus.

Jeffrey S Austin said:
I understand that Ford will pre-wire any new vehicle for Amateur Radio use if the owner provides his or her licence during the ordering process. But, just try and find a salesperson that will know what you're talking about is another thing. I know it's fairly easy on a Crown Vic and probably any other vehicle that has a service service package that can be ordered.

Where you at your present FD when TS Alberto hit?

I was thinking about starting a primarily (only) firefighter net on HF. I think that either 80M or 40M should work fine except that 80 seems to go to pot during the summer thunderstorm season. Tell me what you think of the idea.
Right now I'm having issues with 20M. Not sure if it's the rig, coax or antenna right now. 40M, 80, & 160M are great. Go figure!

Terry Storer said:
A net on HF might be interesting.


My FD runs the EMA and has a close partnership with the local amateur radio club. We activate the storm watch when needed, and they run the net from our dispatch room.


i think it would be a good thing i am involved with several organization we even carry an icom706 on our comm rig


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