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Im looking for anyone that may have the building plans for the mayday prop where the firefighter crawls up the ramp and is then teetered into the ball pit. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Do you mean the firefighter is trapped in the ball pit.
-Jim McCormick in Indianapolis is a great resource. He is an LT with Indianapolis FD as well as the director of the Fire Dept. Training Network, a training school which puts on some of the best firefighter training available and without a doubt the best and the toughest firefighter survival training available anywhere.
Yes that one

Ray McCormack said:
Do you mean the firefighter is trapped in the ball pit.
We built our prop from three sheets of plyood and some 2x4, It goes up two steps then travel flat for 5 feet then its cut and braced with the last couple of feet hinged with the end setting on a single peice of 2x4 cut inhalf stacked ontop of each other and held together with a hing, attached to a rope. You pull the rope two 2x4 splits in half and you drop the last three feet of floor at less than a 45 degree angle. We have a pile of foam as pit around the end. We had to watch people who slid head first into the foam originaly so we made the angle a bit less more floor that falls less than two feet.
Just an FYI Ray
I was watching youtube and saw this young kid talking about how it was no bull, he knew how to handle the rope rescue, from the roof of a burning building. Cool, who knew you were a video start way back then, it ws funny. It was from a peice of the old RESCUE 911 episode.

Cheers Vince

Ray McCormack said:
Do you mean the firefighter is trapped in the ball pit.
Im am looking for a diagram on how to build a ball pit for the mayday prop could some body please email me one please
Im still looking as well. If you come up with something could you forward it on to me?

Danny Lambeth said:
Im am looking for a diagram on how to build a ball pit for the mayday prop could some body please email me one please
My dept just completed a Mayday training where a "floor collapse" was one of the props. We used a solid wooden door that pivoted on a fulcrum consisting of metal pipe. In our scenario, the firefighter falls into a foam pit. Our pit was incorporated into a stair well. Meaning the firefighter decends one flight of stairs to a landing, then one-half flight of stairs to the floor collapse prop. It worked very well.

If anyone is still interested, let me know and I'll check with our Training Division for specs on this prop. I have detailed pictures of it as well.
Just found out from our Training Captain that he doesn't have specs and just envisioned it. So I'll need to create some specs or at least get a couple more photos regarding some details. Once I get those I'll let everyone know.
I just completed a RIC/ Safety and Survival Weekend, and the academy just rebuilt the mask confidence course to include a floor collapse simulator. It was a 4' high, 4' wide by 8' long box with 5 stairs up to the top platform which was about 3 feet long, hinged near the top of the stairs, and held up by a small dowel at the other end. When you crawl onto the platform, your weight breaks the dowel and you fall into the box which was padded with some old sofa cushions. I'll try to make up some specs for you.

Be Safe Brothers


Here is the link on how to get the entire program from USFA including classroom portion ect.

Hope it helps.

Check my blog on my personal page. I've uploaded a drawing of the floor collapse prop we used. Let me know if you have any questions. Photos of the prop forthcoming...

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