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Take a look at April's FireEngieering magazine. I have an article on training simulations in the magazine. If you read it let me know what you think of it and what your ideas on the use of training simulations are.

Train to stay safe,
Chief M

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Hey Chief,
Just went through the taxpayer simulation today during drill time. We don't do these much so it was good training. We had a lot of discussion on the placement of the first line. We all pulled the 2 1/2" for the first line. Some said hit it hard and fast in the front and then determine where to go with the same line or smaller ones. Then others say choose the most valubale exposure, put the first line in there and the second line goes to the Pizzeria. What is your opinion?

Thanks and BE SAFE!!!!!!!!!
This would depend on your department staffing and tactics, but I like your first choice. It is what I would do in New York City. I would pull a 2 1/2" line for the pizzeria and put the other lines in the adjoining stores. It would be important to check the cockloft as you moved into any of the stores. Just pop the dropped ceiling tile or poke a h*** in the sheetrock or plaster by the door and periodically as you move in. You would want to know if there was fire over your head as you moved in. If there was, you could use the line to remove the tiles and extinguish the fire as you moved in. The lines in the adjoining stores would be used to keep the fire from spreading out of the pizza parlor. Of course you would need to cut the roof over the pizza parlor if it was safe to do so. That would do a lot to stop the horizontal spread in the cockloft.
I am glad to hear that you liked the simulation and are using it for training. Could you explain how you used it and who you trained?
Train to stay safe,
Thanks Chief,
My company utilized a computer and projector for an in house drill. I related the simulation to similar buildings in my district and as we went through each step we talked about how the conditions and tactics would be similar to what we have. I let each individual riding position (driver, irons, OV, etc.) tell of what they were faced with and what their size-up would be. We went over apparatus placement, the stretch, advance, forcibel entry, vent, search, the whole gammet. We are going to follow up with a visit to one of the buildings similar and look at the possible hazards that were brought out in the simulation. We couldn't do it the same day due to runs, but will get it in ASAP. Some of the guys had questions about the construction features of our buildings. Anyway, it worked great for us and this is the second one we have done as a company.

Thanks again and BE SAFE BROTHER!!!!!!!

It sounds like you are making good use of the simulations. We will try to keep creating ones that you will find usefull.

Train to stay safe,


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