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Does your department train in hostile search tactics? Hooking your foot is a great way not to get trapped in a small bathroom. Note most bathrooms have small windows or they may be missing all together. This tactic is also great way if you do not have a line not to break the five foot rule for flashover survival. If things go bad there is no way to miss the door, get up close door and let the engine know where the fire is. Your team member stays in the haul checking on the conditions and making sure the hall doesn’t get over crowded.

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I think this latest block on search is really good. It's a simple concept that is easily forgotten at fires. Not only does simply keeping a part of ure body at the door increase your safety, but it also prevents overly aggressive firefighters from entering such a small room, creating a crowding hazard. It's not uncommon in my area to have 6 to 8 firefighters in a relatively small room; if something goes wrong, how do we expect all those guys to get out fast enough and in some type of order. In a small bathroom like the posted picture one will still be able to vent a window if need be with several types of handtools while still maintaining their position at the door and control who goes into that room. When we train on search tactics one thing we practice is doing just this, limiting how much of a person (as little as needed) and how many people commit to a room (enough to get the task done). If this means dedicating one member of your crew to stand at the doorway of a room to prevent other companies from unnessarily entering and possibly hindering the safety of your guys, then that's what we do.


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