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Our department has only recently begun using tactical worksheets at all assignments. As chief, I find that they are a great help in organizing the fireground and keeping track of who is doing what. I have attached a copy of the worksheet we use (which very closely resembles the one shown in the Incident Management for Street Smart Fire Officers textbook). Who else is using these? How are they working out? Any comments or advice in using the worksheets would be greatly appreciated.

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I have used a tactical worksheet for the past number of years. Mine doesn't look like yours but it works. I will post one of mine when I am at the station tomorrow.
Using the worksheet, it is very easy to track personnel, diagram the building and list your action plan. I keep an incident time line on the extreme right hand side, I have found this very valuable in the post-incident review and it has assisted when being interviewed by insurance investigators several days or months later.
Here is my work sheet. I circle the units that are responding on the assignment. Draw a line in the circle when they arrive then another line when I have given them an assignment. I then list them under the most common assignments I have at the bottom of the page. I hand tally when I have sent them to re-hab as that is the "staging area" for most frequent type of call. Mine is a microsoft excell file. anyone who wishes to copy and/or modify it is more than welcome. I probably borrowed most of it anyway.
Thanks for the copy of your worksheet. I especially like the Incident Strategy and Size Up portions. As I said, the worksheets are new for us and theres always room for improvement.

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I caught this photo of an I/C using a worksheet at a working fire in Hull, MA, yesterday (1 April 2008). I had not seen this used in the area prior to yesterday.
We have used tactical worksheets in our department for a while now and they are a great tool. The only problem that I have witnessed is that new officers will let the worksheet drive how they assign tasks on the fireground instead of the letting the situation dictate how companies are assigned. Has anyone else seen this as a problem? How did you address it?


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