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I have attended Chief Laskey's class on at least 3 or 4 occasions. He has summed up in a book what most firefighters that I know have felt for years. Every so often we all need a little kick in the pants to remind us of what a great profession we have chosen. I am retired and now teach in the community college system in NC. I usually teach Intro to Fire Protection. Pride and Ownership is a mandatory read for my class. In April at the FDIC I bought the video. This semester I showed the video on the first day of class. I told my students that if they were not ready to go fight fire I would help them find a new career path. I can not say enough about the great things that Chief Laskey has written about. Chief, your book has touched hundreds of lives, all for the better.

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Thanks brother!! I really think we're starting to make some headway and getting some things back to how they used to be, how they should be.

Be safe pal and take care!

I had the opportunity to sit in a one hour presentation a couple years ago at FDIC and this past week Chief Laskey was in BC with a full day on Pride and Ownership. Six of us made the 6 hour round trip that day to see this great presentation. Thanks for re-enforcing the vision and direction that we're trying to go with our department and thanks for rekindling that love for the job in all of us. It's too bad we didn't rent a bus and bring alot more members. Chief, thanks for sharing with us.

Lou Wilde
I attended a class that both Chief Laskey and Chief Salka taught at the South Carolina Fire and Rescue Conference. Great class! It causes you to hold your head a little higher, think a little deeper about your role and realize what we mean to each other and the public we serve. Do not miss the opportunity to hear either of these leaders speak.

David Wooten
Battalion Chief
West Florence FD
Florence, SC


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