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How often does your team train? How often does your team perform at any event beibg department or any event.

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Each of us attends a week long Honor Guard camp put on by the Goshen, IN police department. The training is incredible and invaluable. We get a strong base in which to work from. We march in the Fourth of July parade and present the colors for various civic functions two of three times a year. We also take part in the annual Fallen Firefighters memorial as well as the all to frequent LODD funeral. We have a great working relationship with the state and local police teams because, I believe, we attend a PD honor guard camp.
I think that is great that you work with the PD Honor Guards. We do several events a year with our PD Honor Guard also. Attending a formal Honor Guard academy is also a great thing I think everyone that is able to should But I know that is not always possible due to the cost. I attended the National Honor Guard Academy and it was a very good learning experience for me and now I am going to send as meny of my team members to this school as I can each year untill all have attended. The best part about sending someone to one of these schools is that when they return each one brings something important back that helps make the team better.
Our department Honor Guard marches in the Memorial Day and the 4th of July parades with our Police Honor Guard. We also post the colors for department ceremonies through out the year. I am also with the Associated Firefighters of Illinois Honor Guard and in our district we train 8-10 times a year along with attending a state wide Honor Guard convention. Thanks for starting this group and stay safe.

Scott Mensing
AFFI HG 6th District
Drill Captain
I am glad to hear how meny departments out there work with thier PD Honor Guards. When we first started working with our PD it was a little rough but we got though it. Our PD Honor Guard is a great group of officers that all want the same thing we do that is to do the best we can and make our department look great. I just got a phone call from a small department not far from here last week. They are wanting to start a Guard for thier department and thier Chief wants them to perform next month at the department awards night. we (my whole team ) are going next week to spend a day with them to get them started and help them though thier first time and help them set up regular training.
Thanks for joining the group it is really good to hear from guys all over on how they do things I am always wanting to learn new things and hear how other people are doing things.

Jim Byers
Lewisville Fire Department
Honor Guard Commander
We try to train quarterly but because of the amount of events we participate in tends to push out training schedule back to next week or next month if you know what I mean. Currently we post colors with our pipe and drum for rookie graduations at Tarrant County College 4-5 times a year, carry colors for the homecoming and Christmas parades, we participate in the new years day Cotton Bowl Parade in Dallas, and we send our members to the IAFF Memorial, and the National Memorial in Emmittsburg Md. We also do promotion, swearing in, and take care of the annual awards banquet for our department. Our Honor Guard works with the PD on many events and just completed a week long class that we sponsored in conjunction with Tarrant County College and the instructors from Goshen Ind. We were fortunate to get 8 of our members and 3 members of our PD through this course. We are already looking at setting another date late this year or early next year to run another class so we can get the rest of our members through this program because it is our belief that putting our guys in 1 full week of training accomplishes more than trying to get them up to speed with 1 day of training 4 times a year combined with the "on the job training" they get by participating in the events.
We train twice a month for 2 1/2 hours per session. We have 13 guys on the honor guard but as of right now only myself and one other membr have had any formal honor guard training. We attended the Elmhurst Illinois Honor Guard Academy and it was outstanding. The department plans to send the remaining members through the training this year. We just began in late October and have already presented colors at several local high school hockey games, with a large wrestling tournament and basketball game coming in the next two weeks.

We have sought out these events to have our guys get exposure and used to working as the focal point of an event. Its been very helpful in doing our prep work prior to an event and laying everything out in advance. We have already been asked to present colors on 9/11 at the home opener of a large catholic high school football game.

We will be sending out flyers soon to area corporations, civic groups etc. to introduce our team and make our services available.


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