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This could go in many groups, but we get to start here with my friend Marques, because, getting the BASICS on this job are the most important thing we can do and quotes and phrases thoughout your career make us the Brothers we are! Many quotes and sayings whether by well known Brother firefighters or the guy on the next due company, play that vital BASIC role in who we are. Lets see how many we can come up with. Since I'm tossing the gauntlet, I'll be: 1.First In, Last Out( John Salka), 2. Leadership would be easy, if it wasn't for people!

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"A firefighter is his own worst enemy." RJ Voss
You didn't let me down Jason, I could have won a soda on that Brother, how true! Nice
"A fireman without tools in his hand is a well informed bystander" I'm not sure who first said it but it is very true!

Widom is knowing the right path to take: Integrity is taking that path! Author unknown
"Take the time To make the time" Andrew Fredericks

Marques Bush said:
"I have never seen a textbook put out a fire, but have seen the well trained firefighter who read that textbook put out the fire." Author Unknown
A fire never gives up
Marques, very nice my friend, will come in handy sunday morning, when we're putting line on the ground. Chief Avillo, I'll use your comment as soon as I hear, why are we training on Sunday! Thanks to everyone, very nice, I'm learning myself.

Be Safe!
This job isn't for everyone. If you don't need training, we don't don't need you.

"Training and education are two different things. Training gives you a skill set to perform a specific task. Education provides you with academic theory for problem-solving issues."
~ Master Sgt. Juan Lopez, USMC
"As Brannigan says "The Building is your Enemy" KNOW your ememy before the
battle. There is NO excuse for not having every structure (except single
family dwellings) pre-planned in your "first due" area...and, there is
nothing BETTER than having it when you have a working fire".

There are many other quotes posted on Ocean City MD FOOLS page
" Watch, Learn , Listen, Shut your mouth. " , and '' For any of you Chiefs who are new here Ask Chief France how tough we are on the Probationary Firefighters" - NYS Fire Instructors for Schenectady County
25 years ago this was the Phrase that really stirred the pot when i took EF here NY, the first night that i reported to class the instructor handed out our books and he stated this to all of us'' See this book , throw it out, this book will not put the Fire out. It will be you and your determination that will make you the Firefighter you are willing to be.''


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