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I am currently pursuing my IFSAC Instructor 2 and was wondering how many members here went through the Instructor 2 course and if anybody has been through the Instructor 3 class?

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Kristopher... I was just thumbing thru and saw your question..Sorry if it is too late..

I just finished completing the IFSAC Inst 2 class last month.. A lot of what Brent was saying. This first 16 hours was a lot on reviewing the levels of learning, lesson plans, presentations, etc, etc. Discussion was most of day 2.

The second 16 hour set was finializing our lesson plans that you had time to prepare over a few weeks, and the last day was the practicals and written test. Practicals included your mulitimedia, projected, written/handouts, etc, etc. Think of your Inst 1 class for your just more of why your are doing things and how to get there...

The written...well....for WA state it was pretty in-depth on the book. Check to make sure that you have the right edition (6th or 7th) as the test I believe was on the 6th..(the one I took) A lot of the written was on more of the technical aspects of learning. (Like we can all remember that sex is one of the basic needs on Maslows Hierchy.. ;-) )

Darrin from Tacoma FD has put most of the stuff up on his website, including the WSP check offs, templates, and other interesting info. Let me know if you need a link to that info...

Also, when I get my book back from Barb @ the state FMO, I can send it to you so see an example of what she/they are looking for...

Hope I wasn't too late...Let me know if you might need anything else...


Thanks for the advice. I will look into the edition of the book. The class I took was a part of a Degree Program (Fire Command and Administration) through Pierce and Bates college. It was a great class and the Instructor was awesome! It was online, so there was some differences between the format of my class and the traditional 4 day class.

I don't think I will be going for my Instructor 3. The concepts behind what we did were pretty difficult for a simple knuckle dragger like myself to grasp, but it was a good eye opening opportunity for me.

Stay safe Brother!


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