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I would like some input concerning search ropes. Spefically I need to know what diameter, length, color, and what SOP's you might have in place for thier use. Any other insight you might have that would help put us on the right track would also be appreciated.

Thanks brothers

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Sterling makes a rope called Glo-flex, it has a reflective tracer in it. We use it in 3/8". I think too much smaller and it is hard to find if you drop it. A 220 foot piece can be made into a 200 foot search rope. Place a knot every 10 feet, a double knot about 4 feet from that and repeat. Just like the coupling, on knot leads in, two knots lead back out. The knots need to be set so that you can only find a pair at a time, this will make it easier to figure out which way you need to go.
We use 1/2" kermantle in 150' length. There is one knot at 50', two knots at 100' and then the bag is at 150'.
In Oklahoma City we use 200' of 7/16 Kern Mantle rope.
We are in the process of training out department in rope assisted searches. We are utilizing RIT Rescue systems large area search kit. Its is 200' of 9.5 mm kevlar rope with rings every 20' and distance knots. We are also using 20' retractable personnal ropes. We have a power point presentation completed for the department, doing hands on training in an old armory. As of right now, my ladder truck only carries 200' of 1/2" rope wit knots every 30' (most guys have 25'-30' personnal ropes). We are looking at adding the RIT systems kit or building our own based on the same idea. If you need additional info, please let me know

We use 7/16 or 3/8 kevlar 200' long
2" metal rings every 20' with a knot or series of knots that follow to indicate distance of travel to the crew.
We do not use retractable lines because we want our personnel to get constant feedback from the search line from the rope. The retractable line does not do that for you.
Please call me at 408-710-2045 and I will line you up with what we use, why, when and where. Take and and be safe!
Please join my group "Tools and Equipment".
We use a 9mm kevlar rope with knots and rings every 20'. We also use the retractable ropes by RIT Rescue. but as Jeff said you get no positive feedback unless you have them pulled completely tight. We have used these for three years and only had one problem with the retractor....RIT Rescue sent us a replacement... no questions asked.

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