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I was the person that worked the party in the Zebra room the day of the Fire. I will never forget that day or that night as long as I live or things that took place after.. I believe the families deserve to know what happened that night.. The TRUTH NEEDS to be told.. Thank you for allowing me to be apart of this discussion.. Ask any questions you like.

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Hi Glenn,

You are welcome.. I hope people understand That Dave Brock and I aren't trying to point any fingers at any Firemen or Fire Departments. We aren't saying they did anything wrong.. What they had to go through that night I admire them Because the site from up there the bodies and the smell was awful..I myself smelled that smell for a long time. And when I revisited the site on the 31st aniversary I could hear the people crying and hear the screams and smell that smell again and could see the picture in my mind all over again..I had a very hard time sleeping for several nights after I got back home..

Yes it has it times where it is very hard to think about, But I think about maybe we can finally get the truth out And yes this would be the Best Memorial we could give to the 165 who lost thier lives and to thier families I would hope.

Thank YOu again Glenn For listening... Shirley
I did say forgive my memory because I was not sure of the source. I can't remember now were I got the impression that once you opened the door of a large room onto a hallway with a combustible finish you had to hold your position or run for your life. There was no middle of the road. Was any testing done on combustible wall finishes in the operation school burning testing? I do wish I could remember were I saw the information about fire spread over wood paneling on studs. One question is was the wood paneling actually mounted on studs directly or was it mounted on some other substrate. Perhaps as important is how it was fastened. Paneling will behave differently when nailed, glued, glued and nailed.
Tom Horne
No I'm afraid I cannot. I simply do not remember were I saw the information on wood paneling. My first guess was wrong and given the sensitivities of the survivors and victims families I should not have guessed in the first place. I took four years of fire protection courses in college. I saw a lot of materials during that period. I no longer have convenient access to a university library so even if I had the time I do not have the resources to do the research.
Tom Horne
Would you call this a 2x4 or a 2x6? Please take alook at the picture below.

What materials were the Zebra Room contructed of?

Hi Shirley-

No, people here understand that you're not pointing any fingers at the firefighters or the fire service. We appreciate your participation and sharing your experiences.

We have been contacted by several fire investigators who are willing to help us look back at the fire and it's investigation.

Take care.

Excellent points Greg!
Beau: You told me yesterday that there was a report of puffing smoke around 530 that night being signs of back draft. People thought that it was the kitchen smoke.May I please respectfully dispute this,
1) That building was not built the greatest, it had paneling attached straight to the wood beams. Therefore, this would almost make it impossible for that building to be air tight. This would eliminate BACKDRAFT as we all know the reason for back draft is air to the tretrahedron. I would find it hard to believe that the free space in the ceiling would be air tight.
2) I have attached the layout of the building. The Kitchen does not appear to be close to the Zebra Room. This is all odd and does not make sense. It is my understanding that most people that were there that night, it was not their first time. am I correct????? Please let me know your thoughts! Todd

That means had I stayed in that room a few seconds longer I would have been the one along with Mark Johnson to have seen the Flames start instead of the 2 sisters that found it. Because they went in the room no sooner than I and Mark had left the room..That is an earie feeling . Thank You and everyone for what you all are trying to help us find out.. Shirley
Glenn and Dave Brock appeared on the local NBC TV station in Cincinnati (WLWT) last night to tell viewers about this most recent effort to conduct an investigation into the fire. Here is the link to that report:

Her is another report that was done last year on the 30th anniversary of the fire:
The only material testing in Operation School Burning was the ceiling tiles.

NIST and U of Maryland have quite a few tests of interior finish materials... the NIST site had lots of video as well is you wish to go there.
Liquid Graphite is used for locks to lubricate them. Its available in any hardware store.

It is a bit more complicated than that per the CAS and CDC.

Here is the infomration that they have told me.

Thank you taking the time to look at Liquid Graphite. Here is some of the stuff that I have found let me know if you agree with this?

Liquid Graphite
2- Isopropyl
ID # 1219
G129 in NAERG
Hazard class 3 (Highly flammable)

Additional research
this is also called per CAS
dihydrogenated tallow dimethyl ammonium chloride
CAS # 61789-80-8
Physical Description white milky paste
This chemical was registered 02-10-1977 with CAS
FP 77F Auto Ign of 785F
BP 275F
Per CAS this Chemical was not well defined with many properties and that a common spark will ignite this chemical. Therefore, I strongly believe that it will cause a fire to spread quickly and with a common spark could help start a fire.

Manufactured by Ted Pella Inc

God Bless and be Safe Brother!

Thanks for keeping an open mind and talking about this. my number is 740 507 9804 and my email is

Todd McKee


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