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I was the person that worked the party in the Zebra room the day of the Fire. I will never forget that day or that night as long as I live or things that took place after.. I believe the families deserve to know what happened that night.. The TRUTH NEEDS to be told.. Thank you for allowing me to be apart of this discussion.. Ask any questions you like.

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Todd- I'm sure Dave Brock and Shirley would like to talk with you. I will talk to Dave on Tuesday an put the two of you together. I would also suggest reading Wayne Dammert's (another employee who will be joining this site soon) book about the fire itself. Dave can help you get a copy.

Perhaps you could meet with them since you are fairly close to them.

Thanks for joining the group.

Glenn Corbett
Your Welcome, I have begun my research it is hard to find anything saying other than elctrical. I have watched youtube videos and understand what happend. Here is my number 740 507 9804 my email is Please give the number and email to them and would love to help and do research for them. Todd
Thank You . AS mentioned earlier The room in question the Zebra room was the room I was scheduled to work a party in the day of the fire.. I reported to work early as I always did.I went straight to the room to see if it had been set up for my party yet,It hadn't. there were 2 men in my room. I asked what they were doing in my room. The reply I got they were called in to work on the wiring in that room for the Air conditioning unit.. At the time I didn't know that room didn't have it's own unit.. They should never have been in my room that day. I was afraid to go back to the sight for anything and finally after 31 years I decided it was time I did, And so on the 31 st of the Aniversary date of the fire I went back. And Yes I was still scared and have good reason to be so. .I have a question I would like answered.Why was 3/4 of the building destroyed. And the contents of the Zebra room thrown into the parking lot.
It was nice to talk to you today! Please email me a time line and info that you have Todd
Hi Shirley. Dave Brock is a very good friend of mine, and we talk nearly every day. We have been going through dozens of evidence boxes over the past year plus, looking into the fire and what else might have caused it, besides the "electrical in nature" as is commonly believed. I'm glad you are here, and it is my intention to help either get the truth about the fire, or get as close to it as is humanly possible. Thanx Shirley, I look forward to meeting you the next time I am in Kentucky.

Beau E. Gros,
Portland, Maine
Thank you for taking the time to listen.. I enjoyed talking to you as well. Sometimes it is hard to talk about that night. I also had Blood family that worked and was there that night..I have 2 Children both boys my oldest at the time of the fire was 5 yrs old.the youngest would be 3 in November
When can I call again? What times of the day is best?
I would enjoy the chance to meet you as well. Dave is a very good person and friend.. Has he told you anything about what I know? I want the truth to be told as much as he does. I want the world to know and the families mostly that The Schillings was not the reason the fire started. Of all the places I have worked, I loved going to work there. The place was beautiful and very elegant and most of us who weren't related by blood considered each family and would have done anything to help each other. May 28th 2008 was the first time I had been back to the site since the fire.I have my reasons and at the time I felt they were good reasons and still do, But it doesn't help the pain or guilt go away..
Thank You, I agree.. I hope we can get the truth out..I hope we can get more people involved and more questions asked. .There are so many people out there that is ready to judge someone on hearsay and not hear the whole story or even care to hear the whole story.. Shirley
You can call now if you like. the best time wednesday might be between 8am and 12:15. . Thank you again for listening and the intrest in the truth. Have a great evening.

While the start of the fire is important and the method of ignition and initial item ignited is important there are some key factors in the outcome of this fire that have been fully addressed.

First, the fire spread from the Zebra Room to the Remainder of the Building. Why this occur so rapidly and with so little warning? There is significant documentation on this-will Brock or Baker dispute this data?

Second, the decreased abilty of occupants to safely egress. Why were there not enough effective exits to get everyone out safely? What can Brock or Baker bring to us on this issue that would justify calling it a "mass murder"?

The initiation of the fire as Dave Brock and Shirley Baker wish to reveal it is important, but are their observations and opinions likely to provide information that would have changed the final outcome of the fire because of the building geometry, building exits, and staff or owner responsibility?

Greg Cahanin
The answer to your question, about why 3/4 of the building was destroyed, seems fairly intuitive. Once a fire begins, it must be immediately confined to its area of origin. This is done using suppression systems such as sprinklers, fire doors, compartmentalization etc. The second required factor, is a rapid, comprehensive response by the fire department. First arriving companies locate and confine the fire while additional companies effect rescue and ventilation. The lack of suppression systems and the over crowding of the occupancy, creating a large and daunting rescue problem, surely contributed to the improbability of fire containment. If the fire is not contained the building will burn down.
Your second question is why were the contents of the Zebra room thrown out in the parking lot? Until the mid-1990s most fire departments threw all the contents of the fire area outside, to be wetted down to prevent reignition. Fire investigation was not a high priority for first arriving companies at that time.


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