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I appreciate everyone who takes the time to answer this discussion as well as all the others. I think that FE hit a Home Run with this idea and I am so glad to see the growth. I have some easy questions and look forward to everyones input.

1- What department are you in and what units go on the first alarm to a fire?

2- Does each unit have pre-determined assignments, or is the the responsibility of the IC, or first arriving unit?

3- Is there a specific unit who is responsible for RIT, RIC, FAST or whatever you are calling it?

4- Are you a member of the F.O.O.L.S.? If not, why?

Thanks again,

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Hi Austin,
Thanks for taking the time to respond. These answers have been interesting to say the least. Seems like there are so many departments that are so far apart, but so close in procedures. You know what concerns me the most about your response and so many others? The fact that there are no RIT teams assigned prior to an event. Staffing is almost always the reason, and that's something that we have no control of. So, what are we to do? Settle for nothing? Which is exactly what we will receive.

It's bothersome to me, and most everyone else that our LODD's are continuing to go up. What are we doing to change this? Here's the immediate answer.


If you can't teach them, then go find someone who can. We have to do more, with less. The fires aren't stopping and neither are we. We need to educate our youngest and re-inspire our elders. We are to important to not make this happen.

I hope that you can be the "change agent" within your own department.

Do it today. Get better. Train hard. Don't settle.

Stay Safe

Thanks for the response and for being honest. I've got to be honest as well. What's up with your answer to #4?

Have you had a bad experience before? I am very surprised to see someone who has been in the fire service as long as you have this opinion. I would love to understand your position before offering mime. Please check my site and respond or leave it here.

I look forward to your answer Brother.
Hi Eddie,

In a nutshell, the FOOLS are about Passion, Tradition and Brotherhood. We are made up of career and volunteer firefighters from around the globe who share these values. That's it. Nothing more. If, you also share these same values, then your qualified to join us. Indy has many good people and would probably love to hear from you.

Do yourself a favor, go to and see for yourself. You can search for a local chapter their as well.

Anyway, thanks for responding to my original question and I appreciate you taking the time. Train hard and never settle for mediocre training!
Stay Safe up their my friend!
Member of FDNY - Alarm assignment vary initially, however for a confirmed fire 4 engines 2 ladders, 2 BC's 1 DC, FAST Ladder Co. Squad and Rescue may also be assigned. Our third truck is FAST (RIT). Proud member since 2001
Hi Brother Ray!

Thanks for taking the time. I hope that all is well with you in the northeast! Any vacation plans to talk about this summer?

I think that this thread has had some (not so) surprising similiarities among departments. RIT being one of them. So many departments trying to work through a manpower (or, should I say personnel) shortage. Trying to do more with less, I guess I could plug Dave's class here (Big Truck--- Small Crew).

I guess it's a sign of the times with budget shortfalls and stations closing. Unfortunately, there's some mutts with 5 plungers that aren't watching out for us. So, we can only do our best and continue a training regiment like always!

Stay safe up their my friend. I'll give you a call when we finally decide on what high rise packs we choose. I may also have some more quesitons along the way. Thanks for always being around to help out.

Hey Greg its Erron Kinney I currently work in Brentwood right next door. On a confirmed or possible structure fire we dispatch 4 engines w/3 man crews, one ladder, one rescue each w/1 man crew and the shift commander and a deputy chief. The commanding officer usually makes assignments as units arrive.
I recently left gallatin fire where i was a captain there I helped implement a seat and tool assignment system. FIrst alarm structure was 2 engines w/3 or 4 man crews, 1 rescue w/3 or 4 man crew, and a tower ladder w/2 or 3 man crew. This system gave designated assignments according to apparatus type and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd due units. Usually the 3rd due engine was designated as RIT company the first and second due engineers served as IRIT OR 2OUT. I am a firm believer in having pre designated assignments if they are clearly defined it takes some of the burden off of the incident commander and can ensure critical task are performed in a timely manor instead of being an after thought. it worked well in gallatin when it was used incident flow was much more efficient and safer from an accountability standpoint because the IC could focus more on managing the incident and accountability instead of telling each company where to go and what to do. It also empowered company officers and firefighters to do their jobs and not be robots. Consistency was also a huge plus with the system personnel have an idea before they are dispatched as to what task they will likely perform in the event of a fire. I think in general we all perform better when we can start formulating and visualizing how and what task we are performing while en route as opposed to having a random assignment thrown at us on we arrive on scene. I can meet with you to show you what it looks like on paper if its something you are interested in give me a shout 6155258888
I am working with Josh Sanders on Joining the MID TN FOOLS!
1- What department are you in and what units go on the first alarm to a fire?

Two Engines with three guys on each
One Ladder
One rescue

2- Does each unit have pre-determined assignments, or is the the responsibility of the IC, or first arriving unit?
IC but we all know we got a job and we do it

3- Is there a specific unit who is responsible for RIT, RIC, FAST or whatever you are calling it?
Yes, it is the mutal aide engine

4- Are you a member of the F.O.O.L.S.? If not, why?
No I am not our locals just started one and I wnat to see how it goes before I make the comitment

Thanks for the comments. Although we don't know each other, I see you here all the time. Why would you want to wait to make a commitment to the FOOLS? I'm guessing you already have the pride, tradition and passion that we stand for. Why not join now, and inspire others? Why not be the catalyst for a positive change that so many of us need?

Good luck Todd, let me know if I can help.
Hi Erron,

Good to "see" you on here and Congrats on the B-Wood job! I know that you have the passion for the job. I know how tough it is for you guys up their, with the staffing issues. What concerns me the most, is the RIT when you guys are busy. Maybe that's what we are for??

I'll give Josh an application tomorrow am, (he's at B-2 now) and we wil get you hooked up with us soon.
Glad to have you onboard Brother!
my dept is ridgewood fire dept nj. we serve a 6 square mile area, with a pop. of 30-35.000 our first alarm assignment is 2 eng, truck and rescue. both eng grab a water supply, truck takes front of the buldg, rescue depends on nature of call. tour commander has command. depending on manpower, either 2nd due eng or rescue is rit. i am a member of NJ FOOLS

Thanks for coming by. Anyone from NJ is a friend of mine. We were at the '07 convention last year and had a great time.
Greg- I have been a part of so many organizations in the fire service that did not have the same beliefs that I have had about the love of the fire service and i want to make sure that the local fools feel that way as well. Other than my family at home nothing means more to me than the fire service and I try to pass that on and share it with others and at times it doesn't go well. Some don't feel like i do about training and the guys, some feel that it is a good job for the hours not for what the fire service stands for. Todd

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