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Have you ever used 2 1/2" line for an interior attack,in a private home? How was it and why did you use it?

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I used a 2 1/2" line, with a smoothbore, for interior attack on a PD just the other day. Fire was blowing from the windows of the front of the house. The rear of the house was a walkout basement. A search crew entered through a window in the back bedroom. I used it for a few reasons: I remembered you "Put Big GPM's on Big BTU's," the smoothbore wouldn't push the fire back, and there was a large picture window that had broken out which allowed the heat and steam to quickly vent. I knew the 2 1/2" was the only chance I had to give the victims and search crew a fighting chance. As far as the fire, it was like it "turned off;" it was out that quick.
No doubt about the training. I have been on a large line a few times in a PD and one time in particular was difficult because the other two guys had not been exposed much to moving that size line in a PD. Part my fault for not getting them effecient with it.
Ray McCormack said:
I agree the 2 1/2" should be taken when the officers feels it is needed. I have my own ideas as to when, training is key to moving it. Using an 1 3/4 the majority of times will be sufficient.
We once had fire blowing out the 2nd floor of a two story PD and advanced a 2 1/2 behind the initial smaller line. We were able to take to the landing dry and then charged it and knocked down the fire. We luckily did not have to advance very far,but it did work very well.

Ray McCormack said:
Where you flowing water when you went up the stairs?
Yes, last month we reponded to a residential structure fire when we arrived we had fire showing from the C & D sides with extention into the attic. My CPT and I pulled a 21/2" and went in. It took some time to find the fire room due to the cut up construction of the structure, but the two of us placed our line and when I opened the nozzle" solid tip" the fire went out quite quickly. If you train for it it will pay off. It is quite easy for 2 men to deploy, flow and advance if practiced.


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