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I have recently reviewed videos and discussions regarding FFNM and LODD that prompts me to ask a question. I want to refer to the Loudon County Virginia struture fire that was a near miss for some brave brothers. My question is: When or Is there a time that we should use big water to attempt to protect a trapped firefighter? I wonder if it was me inside would I care if I was being deluged at some point with heavy volumes from master streams? I completly understand that when we are operating inside during normal situations that at no time do we want master streams being operated. Just a thought for some discussion.

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Yes sir, you may call me Alex :) I am just a kid with no experience, Thank you for your reply,
I know when I am hired I will have to forget everything I learned in fire school,

Thank you for allowing me to learn from this conversation
Lynn I will not pretend I know your building construction types and all I know abouth the incident you reference is from the powerpoint that is floating around and the video. I just wanted to add I would be even more cautious and apprehensive about using a master stream in that type of situation. The home appeared to be of lightweight construction and the weight and power of a master stream could have serious consequences on the building and do more harm to the trapped firefighter. I would be more open to the thought of this tactic in commercial situation. Just a thought.

Lynn Hancock said:
Thank for your response. I am talking about a mayday situation in which there is a high probability that the trapped FF is going to die in the flashover or high heat that is stopping other operations. The other example that comes to mind is our other lost brother that I think was in Prince William County. He was trapped in the second story bedroom with a large body of fire being wind driven down on top of him. Awesome efforts were made to battle back to him. I do not know if this type of situation would warrant the use of master streams. If you used master streams at some point in a situation like this, would the cons be outweighed by the possibility of the overall protection of the trapped firefighter. I also think myself that the time to make this happen might not be available. NOTE: Valiant efforts were made to save this firefighter and I am not faulting anything that was done. I just use this a an example of a situation that I have thought about.

Alex Simon said:
yeah but what about steam burns from too much water?
I just saw the Prince William video yesterday in a class. I personally, would be hesitatant to use a master stream on a lightweight truss structure. In the video, the building was falling apart. A valient effort was made to save this brother, but we must do the basics. While we have to take risks, that is our job, we have to do everything from our initial 360 to contiually sizing up the fire building to prevent a situation of using a master stream to get a Brother out.

Lynn, a residential structure, I don't think I would consider it, however, commercial or industrial building would have a beeter chance, if I knew exact locationof the down member

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